Digital Citizenship Week 2014

Feb 24 - 28: Week A

Learning objective: A renewed focus on the choices we make and how they affect us, specifically about balance, responsibility and safety.

Guiding Question: How are you a responsible digital citizen?

Daily Themes: During the week we will have a variety of activities, including short conversation starters each morning in tutor group, a specialized tutor lesson for the week, and extended sessions with each of the middle school grade levels, and a MS Assembly on Friday morning (Note: this assembly is for MS only). 

Each day will have a theme:
MS/HS Morning Tutor: Monday - Thursday: Short discussion prompts in morning tutor group for each day (also posted in the Daily Bulletin each day, see schedule above).

On the TV Screen in the Foyer: Images from Digital Citizenship Week last year, as well as the video produced based on the survey results from last year.

MS & HS Tutor Group Sessions: All tutor groups will complete the same activity (MS Lesson Plans, Gr9 Tutor Plans, Gr 10 Tutor Plans). The MS lesson will be focused on developing a collaborative presentation for the MS Assembly on Friday.
(Note: this assembly is for MS only). 

MS Double Block Focused Sessions: Each MS grade level will have one double-block lesson to focus on a specific aspect of digital citizenship throughout the week.
Highlighting Balance in PE: Regularly Scheduled Lessons: This week will have a focus on balance.

Grade 10 PSHE: A special lesson focused on digital footprints

Grade 9 PSHE: A lesson on body image, referencing Digital Citizenship Week

Middle School Assembly: Friday: Collaborative presentation from all tutor groups.

We hope this week will give our students a chance to think about the choices they make, and to reflect on the continued impact of the Connected Learning Community
Conversations during every class to support the themes of balance, safety and responsible behavior online during the week (and beyond) would be a great way to help build these important understandings.