You can find all of our lesson plans and resources on the links below, or at left. We have broken our curriculum down into the following units:

Lesson Title  Element of Digital Citizenship Essential Questions
1 Your Digital World Digital Access, Digital Communication How do you work and play? Introduction
2 Making an Agreement   What is your responsibility in a digital world? Signing the AUP with discussion and Q&A
3 Privacy in a Networked World Digital Security, Digital Security How do we stay safe in a digital world?
What is privacy in a digital world?
Safety, privacy, social networking
4 Networking Guidelines Digital Communication How do we communicate online? Nettiquette
5 Who Do You Believe? Digital Literacy How do we evaluate information online? Critically evaluating websites
6 Know Your Rights Digital Law, Digital Rights & Responsibilities How do we responsibly use digital content? Copyright & Creative Commons
7 Share Your Passion Digital Commerce How do we give credit to others? Citing Sources & Attribution
8 Your Digital Footprint   Who controls the digital you? Creating a positive digital footprint:
Understanding personal vs. academic audience
9 What Kind of Friend Are You? Digital Etiquette  How do you show friendship in a digital world? Cyberbullying
10 Know Your Limits Digital Health & Wellness How do you stay healthy in a digital world? Finding balance
11 Take Action!   How can we teach others about digital citizenship? Publicize your understanding of digital citizenship during Digital Citizenship Week
12 Digital Habits     Year-long reflection via blogging