Yick Wo Elementary School (Principal Stephanie Young)
2245 Jones Street
San Francisco, CA 94133
Phone: (415) 749-3540
Fax: (415) 749-3543

Yick Wo Elementary School serves the North Beach, Russian Hill and Chinatown neighborhoods in San Francisco.

The mission of Yick Wo Elementary School, envisioned by the school community, is to purposefully develop the full potential of each student through teacher-facilitated, active learning experiences. Yick Wo is dedicated to the successful social, emotional, artistic, physical, and intellectual development of every student through teacher-facilitated, student-centered active learning experiences in a safe and nurturing environment. It's a warm and caring environment for 266 students. We provide an educational program that promotes academic success, respect and personal responsibility. We offer diverse, challenging, fun, and authentic learning opportunities. Teachers have high expectations of all students, address different learning styles, and incorporate hands-on and field trip experiences to inspire enthusiastic and involved lifelong learners. We offer integrated and project-based learning experiences, building on a variety of instructional techniques and strategies. We support a strong, rigorous academic program with a comprehensive enrichment program that integrates art, poetry, music, physical fitness and sports. We encourage students to build on their interests in order to foster the joy of learning.

Yick Wo teachers collaborate in programs such as cross-class reading buddies and tutors, America Reads volunteers from USF, SF School Volunteers, ABC and reading support clubs, Peacemakers, lunch room composting, and outdoor/overnight education (3rd-5th grades). Teachers seek grant funding and participate in partnerships with UCSF (science), the DeYoung Museum, San Francisco Symphony, and the San Francisco Ballet.

All of us at Yick Wo hold ourselves accountable for the academic, social, and emotional well-being of all students through ongoing communication, assessments, and feedback opportunities, and ongoing relationships with community-based organizations (such as neighborhood afterschool programs that our students attend). The principal has an open door policy; everyone is welcome to stop in and talk. We believe that each individual in our community deserves respect, and we support every student's opportunities for success

Besides a rich academic program, the Yick Wo PTO supports programs including music, art, dance, performing arts (S.F. Opera), physical education, and poetry. Extracurricular activities include the parent-sponsored Chess and Newspaper Clubs. Our small campus provides an intimate setting where teachers, staff and parents develop trusting relationships, understand student needs, and foster social and emotional development to allow students to thrive both inside the classroom, and as members of the greater community. 

Balanced Score Card (2014-2016)

School Accountability Report Card (2013-2014) Published 2014-2015

Great Schools Rating (9 out of 10)