No more victims...
Yorkshire and Humberside Circles of Support and Accountability is a community response to sexual offending, working in partnership with criminal justice agencies. Our mission is to reduce the risk of future sexual offences by supporting individuals who have committed sexual offences previously, thus keeping the community safe and creating no more victims

Our Director, Melva Burton works out of our office base in York. We now also have Circle Coordinators covering South Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, Humberside and West Yorkshire and a Volunteer Coordinator covering the whole region.

The Board of Trustees brings together current and retired criminal justice professionals and we have local links to Police, Probation Services and members of the local community from across North, South and West Yorkshire and Humberside. 

Our overall aim is to support people who are committed to stop offending to lead responsible, productive and accountable lives.

Volunteers are welcome from all parts of the community.  What they have in common is a commitment to making a difference to the lives of others and to be a part of a carefully managed, innovative community approach to improving community safety.

Yorkshire and Humberside Circles of Support and Accountability is a registered Charity.  

If you are interested in volunteering in North, South, West Yorkshire or Humberside or would like some more information then please contact or through Circles UK:- Yorkshire and Humberside Circles  

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