What's the background of You Guys?

Most recently we were YGSGH.  That stood for You Guys and a few more words depending on the situation.  We started as three Guys, some guitars, a computer, a man cave, a piano and a desire to make musical history. 
Founding member Dave came up with a band name figuring that when the audience voiced their opinions by shouting, "You Guys Suck, Go Home", we could pretend they were honoring us by cheering the band name.  But at least a couple of us had ambition to work hard, practice and move beyond these humble beginnings.  

We decided to go with the acronym YGSGH.  We would always be "You Guys" and select SGH words to match the occasion. While performing at a the King Harbor Yacht club we became "You Guys Sail Golden Harbors".  We enjoy engaging the audience.  Sometimes I wonder if some of the participants are just singing along with us while thinking to themselves "You Guys Should Get Help"!

But YGSGH was too hard for people to remember and write down so we evolved to just "You Guys Band".

But what kind of music do you play?

We're You Guys, a blues-infused Americana band.
We love stuff in minor keys (blues, spirituals, sad 3 chord early rock). 
No dance music here.  No musicals.  No upbeat, happy crap.
It is a reflection of our lives -- growing up as poor lads beaten down by the man.

What your current projects?

We are currently working on a collection of Blues-Infused Americana standards along an original or two.  The set pays tribute to roots musical legends from Blues, Folk, Country, Reggae and Rock -- guys like Dylan, Young, Petty, Clapton and Cash.  Watch (out) for us at your favorite Santa Ynez Valley wine tasting room, local Yacht club or random hot spots in the South Bay.

Where can I hear this great music?

Like us or subscribe at the Facebook Fan Page or friend us on the Facebook Band Profile and watch as we post our upcoming events. If you just can't wait, here are some previews from rehearsal sessions.