Praiseland Children Ministry

Praiseland open up classes for toddlers and children up to 12 years old.

It is a place where children feel welcomed, valued and cared for while they learn Biblical values and how basic Bible truths can help them make the right choices now and throughout their lives.


• To parent families of the community in nurturing the Christian faith of every child

• To be catalyst of the church in equipping every child to be leaders

• To inspire every staff to servant leaders

• To share the love of God to the community & beyond


Every Child will have a personal encounter with God, be filled in the Holy Spirit and be a witness for Christ, and every staff to be committed wholeheartedly to God’s calling.

Sunday School:

All children will meet at Praise Hall (Level 2) for combined worship before classes on Sundays, 8:30am

PraiseTots (18 mth-3 yrs): Amos Room (Level 3)

PraiseOnes (4-6 yrs): Barnabas & Deborah Room (Level 3)

PraiseKids (7-12 yrs): Bethel Hall (Level 2)