Christian Education

GROWTH was officially launched in July 2008. It refers to the Structured Christian Education programme of YCCA. This programme seeks to provide a holistic and integrated approach in developing a follower of Christ.

Through Growth, we hope to facilitate YCCA in worshipping God through knowing Him more and being better equipped in the various aspects of ministry. And prayerfully, one will be better placed to touch the hearts of people and to bring the love of Jesus to Singapore and the World.


Bible Study with Mdm Tie Siew Ngo

Every Sunday from 10:45am onwards in Bethel Hall (level 2)


Why is will-writing important? How?

Sunday, 26 Aug 2018, from 10:45am - 11:45am in Amos Room (level 3)

ETHOS Institute™ for Public Christianity was formed by the National Council of Churches of Singapore, Trinity Theological College and The Bible Society of Singapore in 2014.

ETHOS Institute™ seeks to serve church and society by engaging contemporary issues and trends from the Christian perspective. ETHOS Institute™ offers:

  • Studies on important topics and public issues from the Christian perspective
  • Regular lectures, seminars, conferences and symposiums for the Christian public
  • Resources to Churches and Christians in different professions and vocations
  • Resources to the National Council of Churches of Singapore

For more information about ETHOS Institute™ and its courses and services, you may visit