YATA focuses on assisting corporation in their development. Our executive members were working in Big Four International Accountancy Firm and well-known listed companies with solid experience in different industries including Retailing, Manufacturing, Industrial production, Technologies and Electronics, Mining, Manufacturing of Iron and Steel, Media, Medical, Environmental Friendly business, etc. Together with a team of experienced and specialized associates which would benefit to our clients’ business and development.


With substantive knowledge in Hong Kong, China and International Ordinance, our team could provide one stop business consultancy services, our wide range of services including set up HK Company, set up Overseas Company, Bank Account Opening, Company Secretarial Services, Book-keeping, Statutory Auditing, Internal Auditing, Taxation, IPO, Merger and Acquisition, etc.


We can assist our clients to reduce operating cost, reduce complicated work load, let you focus on developing you core business and have greater success.


Our current clients bases coming from different business sectors and company sizes, ranged from one-man-bank small companies, small-and-medium size companies, properties developers, large retail chain store, multi-national corporations and listed companies in HK.