Community Service Information

Community Service Requirement Guidelines

Community service/volunteerism is a constructive way to see that one person can make a difference.  Students can learn a sense of responsibility, experience the value of working with others, and understand that there are needs greater than their own.

In order to satisfy the requirement of 60 hours of community service, the chosen activities must fall within the following guidelines.  All hours must be documented.  It is strongly recommended that advisors approve the service activities in advance.  
  1. The activity must be performed on the student’s own time such as study halls, after-school hours, weekends, and vacations.
  2. An adult “supervisor” who can verify the activity must be involved.
  3. If the service is provided for a friend or neighbor, there must be financial hardship or physical disability that warrants granting community service credit (e.g., helping your friend’s family move would not warrant community service credit unless your friend’s family was financially needy).
  4. Tutoring must be in a program approved by the Guidance office.
  5. The student cannot be paid for the service.
  6. The activity cannot be done as part of any Career Exploration Program (CEP) requirement.
  7. The activity cannot be an activity that primarily benefits the class (e.g., class Clam Festival Booth) or an activity that directly benefits the student (e.g., sports boosters).
  8. The activity cannot be a service performed for a relative.
  9. If the service is provided for a profit-making agency (e.g., nursing home, hospital), the service cannot be an activity for which the agency would normally pay wages (e.g. maintenance work).
  10. Advisee groups can choose to organize a service activity as a group activity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  How are the hours recorded?

Answer:  Hours are recorded by advisors in PowerSchool.  Students need to have the adult who supervised the community service fill out the form that is found at the bottom of this page and then the student will turn that form into his/her advisor, who will then put the hours into PowerSchool.

Question:  Can students volunteer for a political campaign?

Answer:  Yes, students can earn community service hours by working for a political candidate's campaign or a campaign for a particular issue.

Question:  Can students do more than the 60-hour requirement?

Answer:  Absolutely!  Students can do as many hours above the requirement as they want. Students should collect documentation for all the hours they do.

Question:  When can students begin their hours?

Answer:  Students can start logging hours the day after they graduate from eighth grade.

Question:  Can students do community service work in different communities, states, or countries?

Answer:  Yes, the service work should follow the guidelines and get documented like any other activity.

Question:  Do students have to use the official form for logging community services hours?

Answer:  Students can use the official form or have the adult “supervisor” e-mail their advisors. 

Suggested Community Service Activities

  • Volunteering for non-profit agencies such as Red Cross (including donating blood), United Way, Habitat for Humanity, Center for Grieving Children

  • Participating in or providing assistance at fundraising activities for non-profit agencies

  • Volunteering for any religious organization, political organization, library, historical society, medical agency, nursing home (e.g. spending time with the elderly), state park

  • Volunteering at a food bank or soup kitchen

  • Tutoring through a guidance-approved program

  • Volunteering in elementary/middle school classrooms working with students

  • Volunteering to help with the school athletic program under the supervision of the athletic director

  • Volunteering at community booths at Clam Festival

  • Volunteering with a fire/rescue department

  • Volunteering with Girl Scouts and/or Boy Scouts

  • Volunteering to do school or town cleanup after school hours

  • Volunteering to be a school Office assistant (e.g. putting up the outdoor sign)

  • Volunteering for Community Services recreation program

  • Volunteering for a political campaign

Community service opportunities are listed in the Daily Bulletin and posted to YHSStudent.


Appeals Process

If a student thinks that a particular activity should count toward the community service requirement, but the student’s advisor is either in doubt about the appropriateness of the activity or feels that the activity should not count, the issue can be referred to the principal for a final decision.

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