Student Handbook

“Empowering All Students to Create Fulfilling Lives 

in a Changing World”


             Integrity  Responsibility Perseverance 
              Respect  Compassion  Pursuit of Excellence


At Yarmouth High School, we believe the best learning occurs…     

  • when positive relationships form the foundation for learning;

  • when students engage in high-level learning and access appropriate support;

  • when students have an active role in their learning and in the school community;

  • in a culture of collaboration;

  • when students and teachers extend their learning beyond the school;

  • in an environment of creativity and innovation.


In order to graduate from Yarmouth High School, each student will demonstrate the ability to:

  1. Communicate effectively;

  2. Exhibit personal responsibility, civic engagement, and global awareness;

  3. Work independently and collaboratively;

  4. Demonstrate critical, creative, and innovative thinking;

  5. Develop understanding through inquiry, research, and synthesis.
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