"It is the writer's privilege to help 
                man endure by lifting his heart."

                - William Faulkner

Photograph: Peter Zeitz

Poetry Out Loud

For the first time, all YHS students are participating in the acclaimed Poetry Out Loud National Recitation Contest! The school wide competition will take place January 10, 2012. The winner will advance to the state competition in February.   Click on the above link for more information!

YHS Essential Learnings for Language Arts

Language Development
Students will demonstrate a developing vocabulary and syntax both in understanding and application.
Literary Analysis
Students will analyze for meaning (thematic, cultural, etc.) and use supporting evidence in articulating their analysis of the work.
Oral Communication
Students will demonstrate effective speaking techniques to a variety of audiences.
Reading Process
Students will read with comprehension and recall, and develop and communicate an understanding of fictional and creative works.
Research Process
Students will use an effective process to compose well-written and documented research-based writing.
Standard English Conventions
Students will appropriately use standard English conventions in their writing and speaking.
Writing Process
Students will write effectively on a variety of subjects for varied purposes and to varied audiences while developing a personal style.

Common Assessments for Writing
Grades 9-12

Writing Assessment Portfolio (WAP) 

Students at Yarmouth High School have multiple opportunities to demonstrate their mastery of the Writing Process.  Over the course of four years, students write in a variety of genres and collect their best work for their end of the year portfolio.  As graduation approaches, students have a completed  portfolio of twenty common assessments in writing.

Grade 9 WAP Descriptors
Grade 10 WAP Descriptors
Grade 11 WAP Descriptors
Grade 12 WAP Descriptors

Common Assessment Standard English Conventions                                        Grades 9-12

Standard English Conventions Rule Sheet