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What are we?  
A cooperative learning study between the school and town.
Proudly f
unded by the Yarmouth Education Foundation.
Located at the Yarmouth Town Landing.  

We are into our second year of our research project.  We just received our second round of 250k clam seed.
This shows 3 weeks of growth.

Our staff recently presented at our K-1 Rowe School to share their knowledge of tidal ecosystems in Yarmouth, ME.

Shellfish Nursery Staff at Rowe

Contact Information:
Lead Teacher - Morgan Cuthbert -
Harbor Master and Shellfish Warden - Bob Byron

A special thanks to the following students whose time has allowed the project to evolve.
Duncan Birkbeck, Clementine Blaschke, Connor Senger, Ben Cox-Faxon, Grady Welsh