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Guidelines for Creating & Publishing a Website

Only educational web pages will be published on Yarmouth  School Department web servers. Personal pages must be  published elsewhere. Web pages which are part of a course or class assignment may be published. Web pages by co-curriculars may be published. Co-curriculars are activities sponsored by the School Committee, offered every year, and with advisor stipends built into the teacher's  contract. For example, at the high school these are the athletics included in our roster, NHS, Debate, Student  Council, Science Olympiad, Math Team, Drama, Play in the Street, YCare, and Yearbook. Club web pages will not be published on school servers. Yarmouth will not link to any sites which violate any Yarmouth School Department policy,  including the Acceptable Use Policy(ies).

Decisions about the approval of the content of new web  pages will be made at the building level by the technology coordinator. Any questions will be referred to the building administrator. Once approved, the technology coordinator will load the new page onto the school server. The webmaster for each group must accept responsibility for the content of the page and for keeping it up to date by providing the technology coordinator complete updates as needed.

Things a web page must  include:
1) Citations of sources for all content (text, images,  video clips, etc.) that you did not create yourself. These citations may appear on the same page or on a linked page,  as long as they conform to the requirements of all your sources.

2) Only first name and last initial of students, except  as indicated in #2 in the section immediately below. (Photos  and rosters of school groups or teams may include full names and/or uniform numbers.)

3) Only staff email addresses

4) Logical, working navigation.

5) Only material and links that make sense for the intended audience.

Things a web page must not  include:
1) Broken links or links to sites which violate any Yarmouth School Department policy, including the Acceptable Use Policy(ies).

2) Names or pictures of students whose parent (or the  student if 18 or over) has requested the student not appear on the web site.

3) Student email addresses or other identifying information (phone numbers, addresses, etc.).

4) Content (text, images, links, etc.) which violates any Yarmouth School Department policy, including the Acceptable Use Policy(ies).

Additional notes to  webmasters:
1) All work should be carefully proofread. (Remember that  a web page is a published work and that your page represents your students, your class, your group, your team, your school, the district, etc.) If inventive spelling is intentionally included when posting a student work, consider including an explanatory note and/or a copy of "translated"  text to help out users of your site.

2) Consider including a disclaimer similar to the one that appears on the district web pages: "This web site contains links to third-party web sites which are not under  the control of the Yarmouth School Department. Links are  provided as a convenience, and the Yarmouth School Department is not responsible for the content or availability of any linked site or any link contained in a linked site. The inclusion of a link does not imply endorsement of the linked site by the Yarmouth School Department."

3) Consider putting a date on your pages that tells users of your site when it was last updated.

4) Consider putting information on your pages that tells users who to contact if they have questions or comments.

Parent  notification:
A notification (see below) will be placed in school handbooks and on the Yarmouth web site informing parents of  these guidelines. Parents will have an opportunity to inform the school office(s) if they do not wish their children's names, photos, or school work (art projects, music, poetry, etc.) to appear on the web page.

"Pictures and Video in Publications, Projects, and on the Web
From time to time we take pictures to use in our newsletters and for other school publications and projects.  We also shoot video of school events. We identify children by first name only unless we have specific parent permission to use the student's entire name, such as when an award is presented. (Photos and rosters of school groups or teams may include full names and/or uniform numbers.) Our newsletters  and other video projects usually are posted on the Yarmouth Web Page. If there are any parents who would rather not have their children appear, please send a note to the office.  We'll do our best to edit them out of anything we do."