The end of the school year is now here, 
It is most important for you to hear,
The thanks that clearly resounds,
From homes, schools and families
In our Yarmouth Town.
Much thanks for your efforts,
Both the large and the small,
The things you do that
Barely get noticed at all.
For the copying the filing,
The caring and the smiling,
For the sorting and stapling 
And folding and taping.
The hours you've spent as tutor or mentor,
The assistance you've given to help as presenter.
Without you the staff and the students
Would get through the day.
But with you we do it in much a better way!
So please take a moment to bask in the glow
Of the heartwarming thanks from the people who know!

Wishing you a summer that is warm and bright with the light you help to shine so bright.

Nini EmmonsVolunteer Program Director
Partners in Education
220 McCartney Street, Yarmouth, ME 04096
Phone:    207-846-2499