Did you know?

March 10,1876
Alexander Graham Bell
transmitted the first complete sentence over the telephone.
The sentence: 'Watson, come here; I want you." - Source
MSN Encarta.
He later invented a four sided kite capable of lifting a person.

Mary Ross
first Native American female engineer. Graduated from Northeastern State College with a degree in mathematics. Began her career as a high school math teacher and later joined Lockheed Aircraft Corp. in 1948. She joined a team which assisted in the development of fighter planes. Impressed with her abilities and motivation, Lockheed trained her in the field of mechanical engineering. 

Welcome to Our STEAM Lab

It's just a better description of "what we do."

Industrial Arts at Harrison Middle School has been quietly transforming over the past eight years in to a vibrant and progressive learning environment for all students. Keeping the word "Industrial" in our title no longer defines what we do. STEAM, an acronym, describes what we do much better. All of the units and activities that my students explore are all directly related to the application of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and/or Mathematics. Through STEAM, my goal is to provide effective instruction that extends student learning beyond the academic classroom. We do just about everything! You may ask why STEAM instead of STEM? Many of the activities that students take part in require that the students work and think creatively. Yarmouth involves students with Art Education in all four schools. There couldn't be a better tribute to the arts programming that Yarmouth Art teachers provide for our students. Giving students the opportunity and venue to apply their artistic creativity is an important piece of the STEAM curriculum. Yarmouth students are extremely talented!

Thoughtful change is valued.

Many hours of thought, experimentation, and reflection has been made to bring us to where we are today. As I continue to work on revisions to my curriculum I always ask myself several questions: What do I want each of my students to learn? How will I know when they have learned it? How will I assist my students that are having difficulties? How can I increase student learning and take it to the next level? As you explore my website, I believe that you will learn how I tackled these issues and continue to keep these questions in mind on a daily basis. I welcome suggestions from students and parents and your input is always considered.

This is going to be another exciting year!

The 2015-2016 school year marks our fifth year of operating under the STEAM title. Once again small tweaks have been made over the summer to last years curriculum. A few new activities have been added to the 6th and 7th grade course of studies. Students will find that my classroom will continue to be an environment for curious learners. Thanks to a grant from the Yarmouth Education Foundation, 6th grade students will learn about pneumatics and hydraulics during quarters 2 and 3. Seventh and 8th grade students that have and show an interest in small engines will be able to disassemble a four cycle engine and then rebuild it to it's original configuration. If rebuilt correctly, the students get to ride the classroom mini bike on the playground. Once again, for 7th and 8th grade students only, I will be offering instructions on flying a drone in the gym. Weather permitting, sixth graders will build and fly a solid propellant rocket. Again this year students will enjoy watching eagles hatch and grow thanks to a live feed from Decorah, Iowa. In past years, 5th graders would take occasional peeks of an eagle family "live" via a web cam as they programmed the Lego Mindstorm NXT robots. Actually, students in all grades would check on the eagles before beginning work. We've had a blast and I'm sure that the fun and our sometimes unplanned learning moments will continue this year. Who knows what we will discover this year?

I loop!

One of the advantages of being a member of the unified arts team is that we all loop. Students are with us for all four years at Harrison Middle School. Although getting to know almost 500 students takes time, I do eventually get to know all of my students well. I learn their strengths and weaknesses. Even though I'm the teacher, many of my students share their knowledge with me. I enjoy learning new things too and it's common for students to tell me about their interest and activities outside of school. More than once has their sharing lead me to a new interest such as learning to play the ukulele and guitar. Students have also encouraged an interest in kayaking, and stand up paddle boarding. Looping builds trust and respect which works both ways. The atmosphere is very relaxed in my classroom with students engaged and invested in their learning because they truly want to learn. Parents are encouraged to contact me with information about their children. Many times this information helps me in my work as I try to make each student successful.

Good Teaching: The Top Ten Requirements That I Believe In
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