Welcome to the 2010 Yarmouth Summer/Fall Technology Course - 

Dates: June 22, 23 & 24 8:00-3:30, September 25 
8:00-12:00, October 23 8:00-3:30 at the YHS Library

Yarmouth teachers will learn and practice expanded uses of technology for teaching and learning. This course will be setup as sessions of discovery tasks, explorations and reflections. Class discussions and teamwork will be part of each session. Participants will be expected to complete all sessions and interact with each other as well as the instructors during the course. Indivividual participants or teams of teachers will design a project that involves their students and/or classes. The final session is an opportunity to hear from colleagues about projects that are underway or have been completed. On completion of the course all participants will be experienced with the technology tools learned in each of the sessions and will have used at least one of them as a part of a class project integrated into their teaching.

This year's course will follow the themes of the article: "Orchestrating the Media Collage" written by Jason Ohler. Judy Paolucci shared this article with the K12 Technology Team in the fall.

Ohler lists 8 Guidelines for Teachers:
  1. Shift from text centrism to media collage (tag: ymediacollage)
  2. Value writing and reading now more than ever (tag: ywriteread).
  3. Adopt art as the next R (tag: yartr).
  4. Blend traditional and emerging literacies (tag: yblend).
  5. Harness, report and story (tag: ystory)
  6. Practice private and participatory social literacy (tag: ysocialliteracy).
  7. Develop literacy with digital tools and about digital tools (tag: ytools).
  8. Pursue fluency (tag: yfluency).
Note: the "tags" will be explained during the course, you don't need to use them in your article reflection.