Welcome to the Yarmouth Student Tutoring and Academic Resource website! The program is designed to help students achieve success in school through the power of one on one help from a well qualified peer.

Mission Statement:
To nurture student learning through encouragement by peers.
Student tutoring is a perfect way to get extra help in a subject. STAR tutors are all students who are familiar with the material and excel in the classroom. If you are trying to find a tutor, please look at the Tutor Availability Page. To set up a time to meet with a tutor, you can simply email him or her, or if you would like, we can set up a meeting for you. To do this, please fill out the Tutor Request form. If you would like to become a tutor, please fill out the Tutor Application form. All applications are reviewed by the STAR Committee and a teacher. If you have more questions please go through the FAQ or email the STAR committee at YHS_STAR@yarmouthschools.org.

Student Led Review Sessions:
Student Led Review Sessions are an great additional way to review for tests an quizzes. A qualified STAR tutor (pre-approved by the teacher) will lead the a scheduled review session. They will go through important material and take any questions. The Review Session Schedule is in the upper right. If you would like to lead a review session, please click here.

If you have any questions or comments about STAR please email YHS_STAR@yarmouthschools.org.

The STAR Committee

Student Led Review Sessions