Welcome to the Guidance & Social Work Page!

                 Mrs. Gross                                          Ms. Rancourt

My name is Mrs. Gross and I am the 
social worker 
  at Rowe School and Yarmouth Elementary School!
I am at the schools on Monday, Tuesday, & Friday (morning only)

My name is Ms. Rancourt. I am the school counselor at Rowe school. I am available on Mondays (afternoon only), Wednesdays and Thursdays. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions and check our site for updates (and useful info) throughout the year!
September/October School Counseling Update

Our year has kicked off to a great start. I have been in all the classrooms for first lessons with a focus on getting to know each other and the role of the school counselor! Your child participated in an activity about liking themselves and appreciating each others differences. The next few weeks our lessons will revolve around feelings and regulating emotions. Please ask your child about what they learned with Ms. Rancourt!
Also just a reminder I will begin my first round of guidance groups next week! Please reach out to me with any questions or concerns. I look forward to a healthy and productive year working with all of you!

I can't believe we are already at the end of fall! All of your children have been working very hard these past 10 weeks. In guidance we have focused on expressing feelings and managing your "zone" throughout the day. I am sure all the students can now tell you the 4 different zones and the behaviors/feelings that may occur in each one. We will begin work on "I" messages, tattling and friendship skills for the next few months.
I have really been enjoying my time with your children, whether in the classroom, visiting at recess or lunch and of course those that participate in small groups with me! I am always happy to meet or talk with anyone that may need some extra help or support.
Happy Halloween! Be Safe and Have fun! Enjoy the rest of Fall

March/April 2017
Happy Spring to all of our Rowe Families! We have been hard at work (even with all our snow days) in guidance the last few months! Lessons have focused on good work habits, being peaceful, and now friendships! All the students went to personal space camp (ask your child what personal space means) and practiced "driving" their spaceships safely. The remainder of the guidance curriculum will continue to support friendship skills and conflict resolution. We have lots of interesting social and emotional learning coming up!

I hope you are all enjoying our extra hour of sun light. I am looking forward to a productive and fun remainder of the year. 
FYI my final round of small guidance groups will begin in April so if you are feeling your child needs some extra support in certain skills feel free to reach out. 

Happy May Rowe Families!
I can't believe we are already so close to the end of the year. K screening last week was a wonderful success... it was a pleasure getting to meet with so many fantastic parents! OUr current Rowe children are working diligently on conflict resolutions and friendship skills. Ask them about Freddy the frog's choices or to name a few options to solve small problems. There are so many fun and exciting things happening over the next 5 weeks! We are all looking forward to more sunshine and spring weather! I hope everyone has a happy and healthy month and Memorial Day. Check in with any questions about end of year activities.