Welcome to the Guidance & Social Work Page!

                 Mrs. Gross                                          Ms. Rancourt

My name is Mrs. Gross and I am the 
social worker 
  at Rowe School and Yarmouth Elementary School!
I am at the schools on Monday, Tuesday, & Friday (morning only)

My name is Ms. Rancourt. I am the school counselor at Rowe school. I am available on Mondays, Wednesdays (morning only) and Thursdays. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions and check our site for updates (and useful info) throughout the year!
Happy September!
Welcome Back to Rowe! We are looking forward to a fun, healthy, and happy year. I will be updating the counseling sight as I begin guidance lessons over the next few weeks... check back for info on our social and emotional lessons throughout the year! 
Please feel free to reach out anytime with questions or concerns regarding your child's emotional development or even just to let me know what is working well! I look forward to collaborating with all my Rowe families! See you all at our Open House on September 25th.

Fall in Full Swing!- Oct/Nov Update 
We are quickly nearing the end of October with lots of excitement and learning this fall! We are currently working on the zones of regulation in guidance, using all those feelings we have been talking about and how to "manage" our emotions to be in the expected zone! Next, we will be focusing on Kindness with our "filling buckets" lessons and our Thanksgiving- giving back- community meeting! My first round of guidance groups are also underway. I have been enjoying getting to know all your children and have been loving this fall weather!

Have a happy and safe Halloween next week!

Welcome back from Feb. Break!
I hope everyone had an enjoyable and restful vacation! We are happy to get back to our social emotional work here and hopefully spring is right around the corner. The next few months of lessons are all geared toward friendships and problem solving. We have done some work on peacefulness and kindness. This week I will introduce Freddy the frog and work on strategies for solving those "kid" sized problems. 

Second round groups are in full swing focusing on social skills and managing our zones. My final round of groups will begin in April.... please let me know through email, call or requesting with your teacher if your child has a need for a small group (i.e problem solving, anxiety reduction, changing families) 

Thank you and look forward to seeing many of you for K info night in March!

Spring is finally here and we are busy busy at Rowe! Students are working on personal space, using Freddy's choices to solve problems, and really practicing those friendship skills! I am in my final round of counseling groups focused on managing zones and emotions. We will all learn about Earth Day and come up with some helpful ideas to keep our plants and animals happy and healthy! I look forward to a wonderful and productive end of the year.

I cannot believe we are already into June. We have so many exciting and fun activities going on this month! Our first graders will be joining me for a tour of YES on June 6th and then, of course, we will all head off to Crescent Beach on Friday, June 8th for the ocean unit culmination. Our final guidance lessons have been on career exploration... which has been a fun first peak at many students interests and ideas for the future!
I look forward to seeing many of you as the year closes and will miss all of our families moving onto YES! Please don't hesitate to reach out if you need any support from me as school comes to a close. 
Have a safe and fun Summer!!