Sight-Singing Portion - (8 Minutes)

The sight-singing portion of the exam comprises of 2 brief, primarily diatonic melodies (9 points each)

(of about four to eight bars) that the student sings and records electronically.

It is worth 10 percent of the total score.

One is usually Major/Compound meter

One is usually Minor/Simple meter

• Students take this portion of the exam one at a time.

• Students use movable Do based Singing: Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Ti, Do

• Students can choose to whistle or use scale degrees - though solfege is easier.

• Students are given 75 seconds to examine and practice each melody and 30 seconds

to perform each melody. They may sing the melody beginning with the given

starting pitch or transpose the melody to a key that is more comfortable.