AP Music Theory

Required text to purchase: Barron's AP Theory

Class Materials needed:


On major tests, students may make test corrections and receive half credit for each corrected answer for a total improved score of up to 90%.

You will need the following materials for AP Music Theory:

3 ring notebook (1 1/2”) with pockets and 10 subject dividers Label the dividers in order as follows: General Info, Unit 1/2, Unit 3/4, etc. (through Unit 9/10), Ear-training, Sight-singing, Resources, Miscellaneous.

sharp pencils and erasers (work done in ink will not be accepted)

10 sheets of looseleaf notebook paper (punched for notebook)

10 sheets of staff paper (Mr. D will provide this)

a pair of inexpensive headphones or ear buds

AP Exam

A. Multiple Choice

B. Free Response

C. Sight-Singing


Homework Calendar 2016-17

AP Final project calendar