Jazz All-State 2017-18

The Jazz All-State Festival extends from Thursday evening Jan. 11 through Saturday afternoon Jan. 13. Rehearsals, meals and concert are at So. Portland High School and housing is in a nearby hotel. Students audition in October. If accepted, they prepare required music and meet together at So. Portland for the festival. Parents come on Saturday to watch the concert and take students home afterward.

Sign up deadline is Fri. Sept. 22.

Jazz All-State Info and Permission Forms

Jazz All-State Auditions website - requirement, music, practice and performance tracks

Fall 2017 Audition Resources

"My Romance" professional performance (Ella Fitzgerald) . Matches the low key (G major)

"My Romance" professional performance (Vanessa Perea). Faster tempo with shifting meters. Matches the high key (Bb major)

"My Romance" professional performance (Tony Bennett). 4/4 time. He plays with the rhythm a lot. Key of C major.

Audition accompaniment track HIGH KEY soprano/tenor

Audition accompaniment track LOW KEY alto/bass

"Autumn Leaves" Practice tracks to learn notes:

"Autumn Leaves" Audition Tracks

Fall 2021 Audition resources

"I Love You" professional performance

"A Train" Practice tracks to learn notes:

"A Train" tenor sax improv by Branford Marsalis

For The 2016 (last year) Festival... (new info will be posted when available)

Vocal Practice tracks are HERE

Student/Parent Festival Information HERE

Host letter downloadable at bottom of this page.