Mathematics is the study of patterns in quantity and space.
Arithmetic is answering the question.   Mathematics is questioning the answer.
                                ~Rachel McAnallen   

to learn about how we teach various mathematical concepts and algorithms. 

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Hello All,
 Welcome to my webpage! I have been an educator for over 30 years and have taught at several grade levels including grade two, three, four and five. I have been in this leadership position since 2005. I love the challenge, the children, and the curriculum. Please explore the site to receive an Overview of our Math Program in Yarmouth as well as a Presentation of our Response to Intervention Program (also called our Child Study Team). You will also find an archive of newsletters, some of which describe the algorithms that we teach here in Yarmouth. Enjoy your exploration and give me a call if you have questions!

                                       ~ Rachel

Note: Below, you will find a K-5 Math Overview as well as information about our weekly, optional Discovery Math.