Use of Yarmouth Performing Arts Center



The lessee shall provide a certificate of insurance in the amount of $1,000,000.00 covering the period under contract if required by the Superintendent or his/her designee. The insurance shall name the Yarmouth School Department as an additional insured. Generally, a certificate of insurance will be required if a fee is charged for public entertainment and the event is not sponsored by the Yarmouth School Department.

Custodial Services:

Custodial services are required for all events. The service provided will be to unlock doors, turn on and set house lights, and clean and secure the facility after use. (See fee schedule)

Theater Technician:

If more elaborate sound, lights or other equipment is needed, a theater technician must be employed. (See fee schedule)


The lessee must provide ushers in a ratio of one for every 100 people in attendance. Ushers must remain in the auditorium during the performance and intermissions. They will insure that members of the audience behave appropriately and do not abuse the facility or detract from the performance.


The administration has the sole right to determine the level of security required for each event. Security expenses are the responsibility of the lessee.

Fire and Safety Regulations:

The use of any pyrotechnical stage devices must be approved in advance by the auditorium manager. Any electrical equipment that does not belong to the school must be inspected and approved for use in the facility.

Rental Deposit:

Lessee will be required to pay a deposit equal to 25% of the rental upon approval of the contract.

Cancellation of an Event:

The Superintendent/designee has the sole authority to determine whether the building should be closed for reasons of public safety and will be held harmless in this situation. Notification to the lessee will be made as soon as possible. Contracts in force for periods during which the school is closed for reasons of public safety are canceled automatically without penalty to either party. Every effort will be made to reschedule any canceled event to a mutually acceptable date.

Any event cancelled by the lessee must be done at least 30 days in advance or the 25% deposit will be forfeited.

Rules of Use:

  • Food, beverages and chewing gum are not permitted in the auditorium
  • The school lighting and sound equipment will only be operated by authorized technicians.
  • The lessee may supply operators but the light booth will not be available without the            services of an authorized theater technician.
  • School authorities and designees have the right to remove unruly persons.
  • No sales of any kind are permitted without permission of the superintendent/designee.
  • The lessee will have access only to those areas of the building, which are under contract.
  • Set construction or painting is permitted with advance permission and only in approved        areas.
  • Nails, screws, or tape may not be attached to the walls or floors without advance  permission.   Spike or gaff tape is the only tape that will be approved for use on the stage floor.
  • School property may not be removed from the auditorium without advance permission of  the superintendent/designee.
  • All sets, props, and costumes should be removed from the premises within one day after  the last performance under contract. Storage may be allowed by special permission of the    administration. The School Department cannot accept responsibility for articles left on          school property by the lessee.
  • The use of controlled substances, alcohol possession or consumption, and use of tobacco      products are prohibited on school property.
  • The possession of firearms on school property is prohibited, except by authorized security    personnel. The use of any weapons as stage props must be approved in advance by the          Superintendent/designee.
  • The school cannot take responsibility for any equipment shipped to the lessee unless prior    arrangements are made. 

Adopted: May 24, 1993
Revised: April 10, 2003, December 8, 2011, May 8, 2014