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Management of Concussions and Other Head Injuries

All coaches, including volunteer coaches, must undergo training in the identification and management of concussive and other head injuries prior to assuming their coaching responsibilities. The training must be consistent with such protocols as may be identified or developed by the Maine Department of Education (DOE) and include instruction in the use of such forms as the DOE may develop or require. 

Coaches shall be required to undergo refresher training every two years in conjunction with the Maine Principals’ Association (MPA) CPR/AED/First Aid Training. 

Prior to the beginning of each sports season, students and parents of students who will be participating in school-sponsored athletic activities will be provided information regarding:

1.     The risk of concussion and other head injuries and the dangers associated with continuing to participate when a concussion or other head injury is suspected; 

2.     The signs and symptoms of concussion and other head injuries; and

3.     The school unit’s protocols for 1) removal from the activity when a student is suspected of having sustained a concussion or other head injury, 2) evaluation, and 3) return to participation in the activity (“return to play”). 

The student and his/her parent(s) must sign a statement acknowledging that they have received and read this information before the student will be allowed to participate in any school- sponsored athletic activity.

It is the responsibility of staff members involved in school activities and trained in the signs and symptoms related to concussions and other head injuries, to act in accordance with this policy when the staff member recognizes that a student may be exhibiting such signs and symptoms of a concussion.
Any student suspected of having sustained a concussion or other head injury during a school-sponsored athletic activity including, but not limited to participation in interscholastic sports, must be removed from the activity immediately. No student will be permitted to return to the activity or to participate in any other school-sponsored athletic activities on the day of the suspected concussion.

The student and his/her parent(s) will be informed of the need for an evaluation for brain injury before the student will be allowed to return to participation in school-sponsored athletic activities. 

Any student who is suspected of having sustained a concussion or other head injury shall be prohibited from further participation in school-sponsored athletic activities until he/she has been evaluated and received written medical clearance to do so from a licensed health care provider who is qualified and trained in concussion management. 

Coaches and other school personnel shall comply with the student’s health care provider’s recommendations and the school’s protocol in regard to gradual return to participation. No student will be permitted to return to full participation (competition) until cleared to do so. The student must also have completed the proper return to play progression. More than one evaluation by the student’s health care provider may be necessary before the student is cleared for full participation. 

If at any time during the return to play progression, signs or symptoms of a concussion are observed, the student must be removed from the activity and referred to his/her health care provider for reevaluation. 

School personnel should be alert to cognitive and academic issues that may be experienced by students who have suffered a concussion or other head injury, including but not limited to difficulty with concentration, organization, long-and-short term memory and sensitivity to bright lights and sounds.

Based on the recommendations of the student’s health care provider and appropriate designated school personnel, teachers will provide accommodations for the head injured student for a gradual return to full participation in academic activities.

The Superintendent will appoint a concussion management team to be responsible to make recommendations related to implementation of this policy. The concussion management team will include the Athletic Director, Athletic Trainer and School Nurse and may include one or more principals or assistant principals, the School physician and such other school personnel or consultants as the Superintendent deems appropriate.


Approved: February 14, 2013

Revised:    November 8, 2018