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Students who have failed a required course at Yarmouth High School during the academic year may make the course up in summer school or with an approved tutor. The number of credits toward graduation obtained in this manner will be limited to two. If the two credits obtained through summer school or summer tutorial are make-up credits for courses in the same discipline (e.g., both English courses), Yarmouth credit will be granted according to the following formula:
  1. For the first course in a particular discipline that a student makes up in summer school, the student must pass the summer school or tutorial course with a minimum average of 70; and
  2. For the second course in the same discipline that a student makes up in summer school, the student’s combined Yarmouth-summer school average, consisting of 50% from the failed Yarmouth course and 50% from the summer school course, must be a minimum of 70 (e.g., if a student failed an English course with an average of 60, he/she must achieve at least an 80 in summer school in order to average 70).
Below are the procedures a student must follow to take summer school or tutorial courses for makeup:
  1. The student will request, through the Guidance Department, a course of study in summer school or with a tutor;
  2. The Guidance Department will submit the student’s request to the appropriate department coordinator for approval;
  3. Cost and registration for a summer school or tutorial course will be the responsibility of the student and parent; and
  4. The student will be responsible for submitting summer school or tutorial transcripts to the Guidance Department.

Students may take summer school enrichment courses and receive no more than .5 credit per course. An additional .5 credit for unusual learning experiences/summer programs that warrant more than .5 credit may be granted by the principal if the principal has been given information prior to the summer program which supports the additional .5 credit. Under no circumstances may the principal grant more than one credit for any one summer learning program. The total number of credits toward graduation obtained through summer school/tutorial programs, whether enrichment or make-up will be limited to two.

Legal Reference: 20-A MRSA§8801
Adopted: Prior to 1982
Revised: July 15, 1985; June 8, 1992; ________