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The Yarmouth Schools are committed to providing curricular, instructional and other related services to “Empower All Students to Create Fulfilling Lives in a Changing World”. To accomplish this for students with English Language Learner (ELL) needs, the Yarmouth Schools will implement this Lau Plan, which details the procedural requirements and services to be provided to students with English Language Acquisition needs.

The Language Assessment Committee (LAC) will facilitate the process for identification and programming for students who are limited in English proficiency. The LAC will coordinate and oversee the education program of ELL students enrolled in the school year.


A. Language Assessment Committee will consist of the following personnel at appropriate levels: Building Administrator, Regular Education teacher(s), ELL consultant, School Counselor, the parent or guardian and other school personnel as needed.
B. Responsibilities of the Language Assessment Committee include:
  1. identification of ELLs.
  2. determination of the assessment process for ELLS.
  3. design of an effective program reflective of individual student needs.
  4. alignment of instruction of ELLs to state and local content standards.
  5. provision of ongoing authentic assessments to ascertain their growth in English language proficiency and comprehension of academic content.
  6. determine when the ELL student meets the exit or reclassification standards as defined by the State of Maine which is a level 6 composite score on the ACCESS for ELLs®. 
  7. monitor any ELL who has met proficiency for 3 years in order to ensure academic success of that student.
  8. maintain a language development file (blue) for each ELL within the cum folder.

C. The LAC will:
  1. review home language surveys which are completed upon enrollment.
  2. identify ELL students using multi-criteria evaluations. 
  3. develop an appropriate and effective Individualized Language Acquisition Plan
(ILAP) for any student who does not meet proficiency according to the Maine definition of proficiency by attaining a Level 6 Composite Score on the ACCESS for ELLs®. 
The Individualized Language Acquisition Plan (ILAP) may include but is not limited to:
  1. a description of the programming to address language acquisition and academic performance.
  2. a description of integrative materials used to support that instruction.
  3. ancillary services such as interpreter services or special education, gifted /talented, computer literacy as appropriate.
  4. a plan to review the ILAP at least annually or upon request of the parent or team member.
  1. Home Language Survey to be completed upon enrollment
  2. Informal Observation/Interview (part of regular registration process)
  3. Parent/Student Interview (in native language as necessary)
  4. Previous School Records Review
  5. Registration Information
  6. Teacher Observation
  7. Appropriate Language proficiency assessment WAPT.


Potential ELL students will be assessed for level of English language proficiency by:

  1. consultation with classroom teacher.
  2. anecdotal information from student, family/guardian and/or sponsors.
  3. testing in academic/content area skills.
  4. annual ACCESS testing after screening of WAPT.


The Yarmouth Schools have the following continuum services available to students with ELL needs:

  1. regular classroom instruction.
  2. consultation by the ELL instructor to the classroom teacher/ educational technician.
  3. consultation by the ELL instructor to the student.
  4. in-classroom support of the student by the ELL instructor / educational technician.
  5. direct instruction by the ELL instructor of the student in the regular classroom.
  6. direct instruction by the ELL instructor of the student in a pull out setting.


A multi-criteria assessment will be made determining if an ELL student will be classified as a Fluent English Proficient (FEP) student. This will consist of the following:

  1. Teacher evaluation of general language proficiency by observing the student’s oral social language and academic language performance in both formal and informal settings.
  2. LAC evaluation of progress of the students in reference to ELL skills and objectives. An objective evaluation will be made as to how the student is functioning in the four skill areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing compared to their English speaking classmates. This evaluation will be made jointly by the ELL instructor and the classroom teacher(s). Exit thresholds will include, but not be limited to:
  3. ACCESS testing completed annually. Maine recognizes that a composite score of Level 6 on the ACCESS for ELLS® constitutes an exit from an ESL educational program.
  4. Monitoring of students by the LAC for a three year period after reclassification to FEP.


The Director of Instructional Support is responsible for monitoring and evaluating the overall effectiveness of the Lau Plan. An effective plan is one in which students are achieving proficiency in English and are able to participate meaningfully in the Yarmouth School’s programs. The Director of Instructional Support will annually perform the following functions:

  1. review staff compliance with Lau Plan procedures and requirements;
  2. review student data to assess student progress in achieving English proficiency and participation in school programs;
  3. obtain feedback and suggestions from staff, parents, and students (if appropriate) concerning Lau Plan procedures and services provided to students;
  4. provide a report to the Superintendent regarding the findings of the program evaluation and any recommendations for improvements to the Lau Plan procedures or educational programs and services provided to ELLs.

Adopted: October 9, 2008