Welcome to Ms. Agell's home page! 
FOR MANY MORE RESOURCES, please visit our District GT Instructional Support Site.

I provide enrichment/GT groups in the language arts and coordinate enrichment for students needing more challenges in social studies, the visual and performing arts, and sometimes even science. 

If it's math you are curious about, contact my colleague, Bob Gross!

For a sense of some of what goes on, please visit my blog: Footnotes from Room 104.
Here's a snapshot from the Altered Book Project...do you see the actual fish swimming around? (Book by Cloe DeCristoforo and Emi Schneider from a few years ago!)

If you would like more information on Gifted/Talented/Enrichment screening and services, please click on this Chapter 104/GT link through our district's Instructional Support portal.

See the sidebar at left for other destinations, including many places in which students can publish their writing! Why not?

Below, the 2014 - 15 Legenda (literary magazine) staff celebrates another publication with CAKE. It's a fun, rigorous process: each of our (over 300!) submissions is read by at least six 8th grade jurors. While the picture is not too current, the magazine is: 2018 - 19 has us working on the 23rd issue!