Photo 1, Spring 2016

Photo 1 Spring 2016, P4 & P5

"Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still"...Dorothea Lange


In-Class Work
Thurs. 6/9
Last class!

Pinhole blog post:
Create a post titled, "Pinhole Photography" and respond to the following, using a well-developed paragraph, at least 6 complete and thoughtful sentences for each response:

1. List and explain what you learned about pinhole photography, exposure, and the darkroom experience;

2. What were the most exciting parts of this process?

3. What was the most challenging?
Put at least 2 photographs from all assignments in correct folders in google drive - 3 in Forced perspective

Tues. 6/7
Pinhole photography
Darkroom, negatives into positives

Fri. 6/3
Darkroom, negatives into positives

Wed. 6/1
No class - Schindler's list

Fri. 5/27

Wed. 5/25
Mon. 5/23
Class with Elise!
Begin photographing/finding images

Thurs. 5/19
Using camera obscura, make pinhole images

Tues. 5/17
Export movie
Complete the blog post and rubric
Exporting Movie:
  1. Choose File>Share>Theater
  2. it will take a few minutes to process
  3. upon completion, drag the movie to your desktop
  4. this will create a movie file in quicktime, mp4 file
  5. upload the quicktime movie to vimeo
  6. Post on vimeo
  7. Create a post on your blog, titled, Who Am I Video project; put a couple of your favorite photos on the post, then link to your video
  8. Complete the rubric and submit in

Fri. 5/13
Continue work on "Who Am I?" Video project, part 3

Wed. 5/11
Creative Portraits due:
Share contact sheets & print 1

Continue work on "Who Am I?" Video project, part 3

Mon. 5/9

Begin working on planning for Who Am I Video project;

This means to do the following:

  • Begin to organize, in imovie and/or on a doc, what your introduction/hook will be,

  • What you will have for the body/content (middle part of the video),

  • What video footage will you have;

  • Where will your video footage go, in terms of sequence of the video;

  • What kind of conclusion will have - how will you end your video?;

  • Decide whether you will use captions or narrate;

  • Whether you narrate or write captions begin to figure out what you will say or write;

  • What music will you use?;

  • Begin to put photos and videos into imovie,

  • Begin writing the captions;

  • Begin to write script if you are narrating.

Pay close attention to the criteria under part 3, Who Am I Video

Goal: complete by end of class on Friday, 5/13

Thurs. 5/5
Introduce Who Am I Video and complete part 1 & 2
Discuss part 3 and how to combine the photographing with other assignments

Tues. 5/3

Print Levitation Photograph;

Class discussion of Selfies
Print fav Selfie
Discuss creative portraits and complete part A

Mon. 4/25 & Wed. 4/27
Continue work on Levitation photographs;

The photographs will be due at the at the beginning of class, Tues. 5/3


Wed. 4/13
Photograph for Levitation Photos;

Demo Photoshop tools to be used with Levitation Photographs;

Work on creating Levitation Photographs.

Mon. 4/11
Share Historical & Contemporary Photography Pinterest Board;

Complete Blog Post titled, "Planning for Levitation Photographs" - After looking at the resources provided, record visual and written ideas on your blog.

Thurs. 4/7
Share Historical and Contemporary Photographers' Pinterest Board;

P4 - 12:00pm - Google Expedition
P5 - 1:25pm - Google Expedition

Tues. 4/5
Complete part D

Fri. 4/1
Continue work on 

Wed. 3/30
Review criteria/directions for 

Mon. 3/28
Share contact sheets and print 1

Tues. & Thurs. 3/22 & 3/24

Wed 3/16 & Fri 3/18

Mon. 3/14
Shadows due;
Print contact sheets and share;
Discuss and share Photos with Quotes;
Continue working on Photos with quotes

Thurs. 3/10
Work on Photos with Quotes
See directions below

Tues. 3/8
Finish Hockney Photomontage andcomplete self-assessment
To begin:
Open Photoshop;
File - open your image;
Using the Text tool click on the image and begin typing;
To change the font, size, color, or style, with the text tool, highlight the line of text and choose the font, size, color, or style from the top menu, hit return when done;
Type different lines of text on their own layer so that you can move them around.

Fri. 3/4
Print one "Shape" Photograph
Review directions for David Hockney Collages and continue working

Wed. 3/2

The goal is to get all photographing and the majority of printing done today.

You will not print your shapes photographs today.
(20 - 30 min). Photograph for David Hockney collages
(10 - 15 min) Upload images to all groups' computers (in the event that someone is absent)
(45 min) Begin to organize and print

Things to remember:
Be sure to let the sub know where you are photographing - Do NOT interrupt classes - Get permission from librarians if that is your space;
You need a space that is not too big;
At least one (can be more) group member must be emphasized in your photomontage (not anyone else)
After uploading and as you begin to print, you will likely be printing smallish photos, 5x7, 4x6, maybe smaller;
You will likely need to go back to your space to take additional photographs;
You can cut images and you can use an image more than once;
You will print on regular paper - try to be conservative with the paper;
Your collage will be on large poster board;

Do NOT glue anything today.
Mon. 2/29
Shapes photographs due;
Share contact sheets & blog posts;

Continue work on 

Thurs. 2/25
Discuss "Burning House" Photographs, print & complete the blog post:
  • Title the post: "The burning house: Things to bring"
  • Insert your photo
  • Using a well-developed paragraph (at least 5-6 or more), explain your choices.

Tues. 2/23
  1. Create a new post on your blog titled, “Composition & Simplicity”

  2. Choose your 2 favorite/best photographs that are great examples of simplicity and a compositional strategy.

  3. Label each. Be sure you label your composition photograph with the strategy that is used.

  • Write a short story or poem about one of the images. (Think deeply/critically about your image. You chose to post this as your favorite, most interesting, or most original for a reason). See writing rubric here. Be sure you identify which photograph you are writing about.

Read the article, "The burning house" and look at the example photographs;
On your blog, create a new post, titled, "The burning house".
Write a well-developed paragraph (at least 5-6 sentences) that explains what you learned and found interesting.
In another paragraph, brainstorm ideas of things that are important to you and that you might use to photograph.

Fri. 2/12
  1. Finish Photographing a variety of compositional strategies

  2. Print contact sheets for both simplicity & composition

Wed. 2/10

P4 - Review "know your camera"

P5 - White Balance & ISO

Compositional Strategies Explained

More compositional strategy examples


Use Madison HS, Rexburg, Idaho, Simplicity Photographs to photograph simple objects. Shoot at least 30 images during class time.

Photograph, using a variety of compositional strategies.

Mon. 2/8

Complete this activity with a partner

Blog Post #1 - "What makes a successful photograph?"

Respond to the following on your blog. Write the answers ONLY, NOT the questions.

  1. Why do people photograph?

  2. What makes a successful photograph?

Thurs. 2/4

Tues. 2/2

Review syllabus
Bookmark web site, join and complete the assignment
Turn into upon completion

  • Collage folder, assign shelves
  • Bring digital camera to class tomorrow 
  • Bring $25 lab fee by Mon, 2/8
Blog Set up
  • Go to and create a new blog titled: (your name) Melissa's Fantastic Photo 1 Portfolio
  • Address should be, yhsPhoto1melissaSpring16;
  • Choose a theme that is simple in design; one that will not compete with your work

Blog Post #1 - "What makes a successful photograph?"
Respond to the following on your blog. Write the answers ONLY, NOT the questions.

What do people photograph?

What makes a successful photograph?

 Student Artwork on Flickr

YHS Photography Blog

Reflective Writing Rubric

Resources & Links


Due: Fri. 6/3
3 Forced Perspective Photographs, posted on blog, include the purpose. Answer the following using at least 6 complete and thoughtful sentences and post on your blog:

What were the challenges and the successes as you worked through this assignment?

Due Thurs. 5/19
Rubric in classroom for Who Am I Video

Due Mon. 5/9

Due Fri. 5/6

Due Wed. 5/10

Due Tues. 5/3
Selfies Blog Post
30 Selfies

Due Mon. 4/11
Blog Post titled, "Planning for Levitation Photographs" - Written & Visual ideas recorded

Due Wed. 4/27

Due Thurs. 4/7
Historical & Contemporary Photographers' Pinterest Board, including Part D

Due Wed. 3/30

Due Mon. 3/28
Photos with Quotes, 3

Mon. 3/14

Mon. 2/29
Biweekly Photos: Shapes due

Thurs. 2/25
(at least 10) Photos on your computer: Things to bring if your house was burning down

Wed. 2/10
Bring digital camera to class
$25 Lab Fee

Due Mon. 2/8
Bring digital camera to class
$25 lab fee

Due: Thurs. 2/4
Bring digital camera to class

Due Mon. 2/8
$25 Lab fee

David Hockney

Photo 1 is a semester course that will introduce the student to the essentials of photography and photographic manipulations, using the traditional darkroom, along with using image editing software. Students will learn how to use their digital camera, how to compose engaging photos, and to recognize excellence in photography. The students will understand that photography is not just about technique but perception and communication.  Students will become familiar with a variety technologies to aid in presenting their work to their peers, along with the world at large. Students will begin with simply taking pictures and then move into learning what it takes to compose strong images. They will also learn about the people who have made their "mark" within the Art of Photography. In the process of becoming thoughtful and knowledgeable image makers and image readers, students will gain communication and problem solving skills so that they will be better able to navigate our increasingly visual culture.