Connecting Your Site to Your Curriculum

Presenters: Megan Rice and Rod Corey
Room: 603
Topic: Connecting Your Site to Your Curriculum

Looking for ideas to add more classroom content to your site? Come see how two teachers have added curricular material and student work to their sites.
  • RSS Feeds and Gadgets (for calendars and unit links organized on Diigo/ Delicious)
  • Linking to google docs (assignments, rubrics, etc)
  • Attaching documents (assignments, rubrics, etc)
  • Student work (linking to student web pages stored on webapps server, using document forms to link to work stored on webapps server)


Adam Smith YHS
Bill Shardlow HMS
Chris Wentworth YES
Claire Evrard YHS
Erica Klein YHS
Julie Logan HMS
Karyn Smith HMS
Kimberly Grover HMS
Laura Skowronski YES
Laura Mike HMS
Linda Cote HMS
Mandy Peaslee YHS
Megan Rice HMS
Mike Weiss YHS
Patric Santerre YHS
Rick Dustin YHS
Steve Simonton HMS
Steve Fox YHS
Rod Corey HMS