Intro to Sites

Presenter: Molly Smith
Room: 501

This session is intended for people who have not created a site before. Topics included in this session will be:
  • Creating a site
  • Adding Pages
  • Adding/Editing text
  • Inserting images
  • Adding links
Come to this session with ideas about the purpose of your site (to share information, provide a forum for collaboration, to store resources...).  We'll get you off on the right foot in with your new site!

Useful resources to guide you as you make and use your own site:
Google Sites Basics
Google Sites Help Center
Google Sites Video Tutorials


Amy Lamarre HMS
Andrea Carr YHS
Betsy Lane YES
Bob Morse HMS
Cathy Flanagan HMS
Cecile Slater Rowe
Diane Reynolds HMS
Ellen Honan Rowe
Greg Cavanaugh HMS
Jessica Townsend YHS
Jill Frame YHS
Jodi McGuire K12
Judith Shank YES
Kate Mather YHS
Kristina Walsh HMS
Lisa Haase HMS
Marsha Newick HMS
Megan Genthner YHS
Pamela Pinkoski YHS
Priscilla Vandermast YHS
Rachel Clark Rowe/YES
Rich Smith HMS
Jenny    Jorgensen      HMS
Cindy    McLoon            HMS