Intro to Sites

Presenter: Mike Arsenault
Room: 501
Topic: Introduction to Google Sites

This session is intended for people who have not created a site before. Topics included in this session will be:
  • Creating a site
  • Adding Pages
  • Adding/Editing text
  • Inserting images
  • Adding links

Sites Help:
Participants - Session 2

Ira Warshaw HMS
Marc Brown YHS
Kara Williams Rowe
Kelly Nelson Rowe
Angela Turgeon HMS
Betsy Puelle YHS
Michele Danois YES
Sandy Warren Rowe
Betsy Melevsky Rowe
Betsy Melevsky Rowe
Betsy Hallweaver YHS
Participants - Session 3

Randy Dehetre HMS
Caroline Wiggett HMS
Barb Ellis HMS
Elaine Fletcher HMS
Judy Berghuis HMS
Margi Moran YHS
Mary Highland YHS
Mike Hagerty HMS
Sara Petrovek YHS
Shenaugh Tripp YHS
Susan Parr HMS
Tom McDowell YHS
Alan Hall YHS
Beth Costello Rowe
Brenda Michaelsen YHS
Cindy McLoon HMS
Colleen Meier YHS

Emily Landry Rowe
Nancy Shaw YHS