Evaluating Student Writing

Presenter: Stephanie Robison
Topic: Using Google Docs to Evaluate Student Writing

Learn how to use Folder Sharing combined with the Revision History feature of Google Docs to provide feedback and assess student writing.

What students are saying about Google Docs:
“I can get to Google Docs from home and it helps to get access for homework.”
“I can get feedback about my writing.”
“We can look back on our previous work.”
“I love Google Docs.”
“You can type the documents and the teacher can see them.”
“It saves automatically.”
“I can write comments to the teacher.”

1.  My motivation for using Google Docs
2.  Basic process and set up
3.  Improved communication
4.  Revision History
5.  Transparency for teachers, students, and parents
6.  Changes/tweaking that I will make for next year
7.  Helpful hints

Everything you wanted to learn about Google Docs:


Angela Turgeon HMS
Elizabeth Greely YES
Emily Davison YHS
Karen Jagolinzer HMS
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Melissa Noack YHS

Stephanie Robison,
Mar 17, 2011, 5:37 PM