Global Collaboration

Presenter: Amy Sanders and YHS students
Room: 508

Rapidly advancing technologies and globalization trends increasingly connect us to communities throughout the world. As educators, how can we prepare students for a world of growing cultural interaction and diversity?

This session will share two collaborative projects undertaken this year and explore how each of these projects gave students an opportunity to:
• investigate the world, including research on significant global issues
• recognize and respond to perspectives different from their own
• communicate ideas effectively with diverse audiences
• develop and practice new skills
• show initiative and work creatively

We'll share the challenges and successes of these projects, and invite discussion of other collaborative projects.

Global Connections and Exchange (online exchange with Filipino school) -
Arab Spring Collaborative Research wiki (organizing tool) -
Arab Spring Blog (students share work/encourage dialog) -

Global Collaborative Projects: (K-6?)

Link to resources on teaching about the Arab Spring:

Update: 12/13/2012