This day is planned as an opportunity for us all to explore and practice expanded opportunities for interactive displays of learning across the district.

The guiding question is:
  • How can we inspire and empower ourselves as learners to create, play and share?


  1. How will student demonstrations of learning be more innovative in my classroom?
  2. How will I as a teacher move toward more choices for students to demonstrate learning?
  3. How can I share or celebrate my students’ work?
  4. How do I balance learning the tool and using the tool for learning?
  • To help support collaboration and collegial interactions please wear your Yarmouth name tag if you have one
  • Bring your book
  • Bring your charged computer & charger (batteries will not be available for anyone who has a charger)
  • Bring a water bottle
  • You may want to bring personal headphones if you have them

 Creative Commons License
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