Welcome to HMS Makerspace!

make • create • tinker • craft • build • play • collaborate

What IS Makerspace?

A Makerspace is a place where people are free to create and innovate using a variety of materials and tools in their own way. That is the heart of true innovation.

What is Makerspace at HMS?

This year, we held the FIFTH annual Makerspace for the 5th graders at the middle school. Students had the opportunity to make, create, tinker, craft, build, play and collaborate with a variety of loose parts and tools. Students had one full Makerspace session in the library this spring, followed by additional opportunities to extend the Makerspace experience.

How does the Makerspace experience draw on students' learning?

See our educational foundation page for more information.

How can we support Makerspace?

About a month before each Makerspace, we will contact fifth grade parents by email with a list of materials we would like to gather.

Thank you from the Makerspace team, 

Merry Stuhr, Charlotte Agell and Bob Gross

"A place where ideas can come to life."  ~Joseph Schott