Academic Support Center - Room 210

The Academic Support Center is designed to support students who are experiencing challenges that impact their learning. The service is designed to help students become stronger, more informed, better skilled, more resilient and reflective, and more independent. Students are recommended for support in the ASC as part of a team decision making process, but any student can access the center.  The center is designed as a place where students can attain, build, and strengthen academic and executive functioning skills through their content area work. It is also a place where students can work in a more focused environment and comfortably assess what is working and what isn't.  Feel free to contact me at:

I also run a program called Sewing for Other.  Click here to see what it is all about!

About me:  This is my 40th year as a teacher.  I have taught in Brooklyn and the Bronx, New York, Auburn and Yarmouth, Maine.  A large part of my career has been as a special educator which directly benefits my work as an Academic Support Specialist.  My philosophy is simple if not concise! All students have abilities. The overall aim of my work is to enhance those gifts and develop new skills and dispositions to move forward.  Success is measured individually and may come in small increments. Respect, responsibilty, resourcefulness, resilience, and reflection are the five R's promoted.  The (Mrs.)Kingdom is a place where working hard rules! 

This week, I am available:  
MONDAY, December 11
Not Available - Meeting        
TUESDAY, December 12
Available 2:45-5:00              
WEDNESDAY, December 13
Available 2:45-4:00            
THURSDAY, December 14
Not Available                       
FRIDAY, December 15
Available - 2:45-4:00          

Next week, I hope to be available:
MONDAY, December 18
Available - 2:45-4:00           
TUESDAY, December 19
Available 2:45-4:15              
WEDNESDAY, December 20
Available 2:45-4:00            
THURSDAY, December 21
Not Available                       
FRIDAY, December 22
Not Available                       


Looking for a synonym for the word good.  Here are 200!  
Thanks Mrs. Hamilton for the link.


Voice Typing on Googledocs
Are there times when you wish you could dictate on Googledocs. Wish no more, it's just a couple of easy steps. 
1. Open up a new googledoc.
2. Select tools, then Voice Typing.
3. Click on the microphone.  A question will come up about using the microphone. That question will only come up the first time you set it up.
4. Click allow and start talking.  It helps to speak clearly and at a reasonable pace. 

SPEECH TO TEXT with other programs on your computer
Your computer has a speech to text function which will allow you to do just that.  Here's what you need to do:
1. Go into Systems Preferences.
2. Click on Dictation and Speech.
3. Click on Dictation.
4. Click the ON button.
5. Click Used Enhanced Dictation (it will take a minute to load)
6. Choose the language.
7. Create a shortcut.  I use Control D.
8. Open up any document, e-mail, etc.  
9. Press your shortcut key and dictate.

A graphic designer created this font to make reading a less difficult task. The font has a heavy baseline, alternating stick/line tails, and a semi-cursive slant that makes each character have a unique form. You can download the font for free.
Looking for some new study strategies-try one, try them all!
Let me know what you think!

Do you find it difficult to read an article online because of all the extra advertisements, etc.  This program will clean all that up and just leave the words and important pictures.  Try it!

REWORDIFY  Click here
Having a difficult time understanding something you are reading?  Try Rewordify.  You can copy and paste a sentence or paragraph and what you enter will be rewritten in a format where the more difficult vocabulary words are explained. When you click on the yellow phrases, you will see the original vocabulary word that was defined for you.

Are there times when you wish your computer would read to you?  Wish no more!  Your computer has a text to speech function which will allow you to do just that.  Here's what you need to do:
1. Go into Systems Preferences.
2. Click on Dictation and Speech.
3. Click on Text to Speech.
4. Choose a voice.  In my opinion, Alex is the best .
5. Choose speaking rate.  I use Normal.
6. Click the box Speak selected...pressed.
7. Change the Key.  I use Control T.
8. Open up any document, e-mail, etc. 
9. Highlight what you want read. 
10. Apply your shortcut and listen.