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Reminder that Quarter 2 Ends on January 19th. 

Make-Up Opportunities
 Algebra 1 CP    Honors  Geometry Math 2 Honors  

Warm Up #4 by 1/11
Linear Equation Cornerstone by 1/18

Warm Up #5 by 1/11
Parallel and Perpendicular Line Test by 1/17

Warm Up #3 by 1/11
Geo Test by 1/17

Course Information:

Stained Glass Project Resources:
Use the folder below to upload a screen shot of your design (rename the file so that your name appears first.)

After everyone in class has presented their designs, use the form below to assign your creativity ratings (I encourage you to use the screenshots uploaded to the above folder to help you decide).

Math 2 - Linear Programming Videos - Review for exam.
1. Make sure your video is in quick time.  Must end in .mov 
2. Open this folder in google drive (you will open it within your google drive) and upload your video file.
3. Fill out the Submission Form
4. Refresh this page and you will be able to view all the videos that have been posted.

Linear Programming - Show Time 2017 ‎(Responses)‎

Tutorials for Mid-Term Prep

 Exponential Growth                                                     
 Exponent Rules
 Scientific Notation
 No Solution vs. All Real #s
 Distributing Subtraction
 Fractional Equations
 Equations involving fractions
 Equations involving distribution