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Welcome to the Instrumental music program here at Yarmouth High School! I am Mr. Hendricks, the Band Director here at YHS as well as the Auditorium Manager. I am looking forward to another great year of music!

To the right you can see upcoming dates and events that are coming up in our Music Department. If you want to look at any other dates coming up in the future you can go ahead to other months, or go to the "Concert and Festival Dates" link on the bottom left under navigation where there is a full list of all events and important dates to know for this school year. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the program please feel free to contact me. All of my contact information is in the top left corner of the website. I'll always be available to help in any way that I can.

October 25th, 2017: We are nearing up the month of October and have been making great progress. The Concert Band and Wind Ensemble have completed their Music Literacy Cornerstones and their first Playing Quiz, and are doing really well on our pieces for our first concert that's coming up on December 5th. About 14 instrumentalists traveled up to Edward Little High School for the District 2 Auditions, and we had 5 students get accepted into the festival! Lydia Dustin, Parker Harnett, Evan Lucca, Emi Ruth and Eli Anderson. That festival will take place on January 19th and 20th at Oxford Hills High School! The guitar students have become proficient at reading music, and are gaining skills on learning how to play new songs independently and are doing a great job. 

September 29, 2017: As we are finishing up the first month of school I wanted to share some thoughts. Everything is off to a great start! The Wind Ensemble is playing more challenging music then they were last year and are really stepping up to the challenge. The Concert Band has done a really good job of adjusting to high school and are at a very good point in their pieces. I have no doubt that we will be very prepared for our first concert. And the guitar class is fantastic. This first semester it's smaller with only three students, but they are picking up everything very quickly and doing a fantastic job! Jazz Band has had two rehearsals so far and have already worked on three pieces that we are preparing for our first concert, and the Berklee Jazz Festival. It looks like it's going to be a great year of making music and I'm excited to see what we will all accomplish! 

June 16, 2017: It's been awhile since I've written an update! The music program has been very successful this year. Both Concert Band and Wind Ensemble scored a silver rating at the MBDA Large Group Festival in March. The YHS Jazz Band traveled to Boston for the Berklee Jazz Festival and did a great job with all of the obstacles that we faced. We had a group of students attend the MMEA All-State Festival up in Orono in May. Those students were Zoe Hardel, Abby Van Lonkhuyzen, Lazare Merchi-Rossini, Hannah Grant, Bay Hanson, Aaron Dustin, and Franz-Peter Jerosch. They did a fantastic job and it was a great weekend! We had a very successful Spring Concert on May 15th, which featured Keiran Lorentzen as a conductor for the Disney Medley that we performed. 

Congratulations to our seniors that we graduated. Aaron Dustin, Taylor Robison, Chris Guertler, Grace Cowles, Nate Dealaman, Ava Seid, and Ben Palmer. Best of luck with everything you do! The underclassman marched them on to graduation ceremony, and we are cheering for you the rest of the way! 

We have just finished up our finals, and are looking forward to performing at the Clam Festival Parade on July 21st. We hope to see you there! 

January 20, 2017: I hope that everyone is having a great start to their new year! There's a lot that's happened this month, and a lot that's coming up. At the beginning of the month we had some students go to the All-State Jazz Festival up in Orono. On the 13th the Jazz Band performed at the Hector Hebert Ceremony and did a great job! On January 20th and 21st is the District 2 Honors Festival. We have 9 students in the Orchestra and Band. Those students are: Zoe Hardel, Abby Van Lonkhuyzen, Hannah Grant, Aaron Dustin, Eli Anderson, Emi Ruth, Keiran Lorentzen, Lazare Merchi-Rossini and Franz-Peter Jerosch. Currently the Concert Band and Wind Ensemble are working on pieces for their second concert, which will be the MBDA Large Group Festival at the end of March. The Jazz Band is working hard on our three pieces for the Berklee Jazz Festival on February 11th, we are all very excited for that! The end of Quarter 2 is on January 27, which will be the last day for the guitar class. They've all worked really hard and learned a lot in this first semester and I've had a blast! There are a lot of exciting things going on and even more to come!

Dec. 10, 2016: We've just about reached the half-way point of Quarter 2 and things have been going extremely well for the department. We had our first concert on December 6th, and the kids all did a great job! There are videos from the performance under the "Concert Videos" link on the left navigation bar. Now we are looking towards the MBDA Large Group festival that takes place near the end of March! The Jazz Band is officially going to the Berklee Jazz Festival on February 11th! Our performance time is 2:30 at the Hynes Convention Center and now we are working harder than ever to get some new music learned. The guitar class has been working really hard on perfecting Barre chords, and are getting better and better at it every day.

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Nov. 6th, 2016The first Quarter has come to a close and things are going strong! Both the Concert Band and Wind Ensemble are in good shape for the first concert in December, and  we're starting to get picky about details which is a good place to be. Our Jazz Band is refining parts for the charts we're playing in the first concert, as well as working on charts for the Berklee Jazz Festival and we're having a great time. Also the guitar students are getting better and better all of the time after successfully performing chords for their first Cornerstone, and getting more comfortable with reading music!  

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