My role as the HMS Social Worker is to provide emotional, social, and mental health support for students in grades 5-8.  Working with both individuals and groups, I help guide students on issues such as self-esteem, peer relationships, decision making, conflict resolution, coping skills and stress management.  In coordinating with teachers, administration and parents, my  goal in working with the student is to decrease emotional and/ or behavioral obstacles that may occur during the academic school day and make sure support systems are in place out of school.  I provide community resources, coordination of support systems, and parental/family support.

Referrals for Social Work Services come through our School Counselor, Laura Mike.  If she feels a student could benefit from regular check-ins and case management services, she talks with the parents for their consent.  Once consent is obtained, I can start meeting with the student.

I work part time, Wednesday through Friday.  My hours are the following:
Wednesday: 7:15-1:30
Thursday: 7:15-2:30
Friday: 7:15-1:45