WANTED: Inquiring Minds!

The Inquiry Notebook Community Reception was a hit!  We had students, parents, teachers and a principal browse the amazing array of notebooks created by students and teachers at HMS & YES on Tuesday, June 5th in the HMS Media Center.  Check out our photos of the event:

June 7, 2012

The YES notebooks are now on display in the YES library until the end of the year for all to enjoy, so make plans to stop by soon!  All notebook creators will get their books back before the last day.  Thanks again for sharing your inspired creativity with the community!

Ms. Agell & Miss Smith

COME ONE, COME ALL - the 2012 *HMS Inquiry Notebook Tour has begun!

Are you curious about monsters? mad about mazes? awed by art? inspired by random thoughts? amused by unusual words? intrigued by whales? distracted by unanswered questions? passionate about fashion? fascinated about nature? Interested in poetry? giddy about gadgets?


Then you MUST see these Inquiry Notebooks for yourself!  We ended up with 50 notebooks from students and teachers, filled with photographs, drawings, poems, questions, diagrams, flipbooks, material, and natural objects. They are currently on tour in our school libraries (see schedule below), so catch them now and get inspired!

HMS Inquiry Notebook Project 2012


HMS library: April 23 - May 4
YES library: May 7 - 11
YHS library: May 14 - 18
Rowe library: May 21 - 25

June 5th: Community Reception

Where? HMS library media center
When? Tuesday, June 5th, 2:30 - 4:00
Who? YOU! all members of the school and town community are welcome to attend!  Bring your neighbors, friends, relatives, dentists - the door is open!
What?  About 100 Inquiry notebooks from YES and HMS students and staff will be available to browse.  Join us and be inspired!

 *This project is generously Funded by YEF & HMS PTO
We are inspired by The Sketchbook Project created by the Art House Co-op in Brooklyn, NY to create our own version right here in Yarmouth!  In the original project, the call went out to creative thinkers around the world to fill a provided sketchbook with ideas of all kinds to match a given theme.  Just under 10,000 completed sketchbooks created by visionary thinkers of all kinds from 94 countries were returned to the Co-op to be catalogued and sent on tour last year.  People all over the United States then browsed through this astonishing library of images, words, ideas, questions and materials as the sketchbooks visited a scattering of cities (including Portland, Maine!).  Check out the original project here: Sketchbook Project

Our idea is to fill blank notebooks with our own ideas in words and/or images of all sorts to match one of the themes on our list, to invite others at YES & HMS to do the same AND to share our work by sending the books on our own tour.  We selected our favorite themes from the original project and added several of our own.  We will have about one month to fill our notebooks with images, questions, ideas, items, photos, poems, stories, facts....built around a theme of our choice.  We'll collect all YES notebooks Monday, June 4th and get them ready for the community reception at HMS on June 5th!  

Here are some snapshots from the first leg of the HMS version of the Inquiry Notebook Tour:

Inquiry Notebooks on TOUR

Here's what one parent of a participant said:
"... what a great project!   It's so impressive to see the variety of ideas that the kids touched upon.  I would imagine that if you can do this project next year, you will see the submissions double- just seeing the completed books makes me want to do one myself!"

Anyone who is interested in participating should:
  • SIGN UP on the sheet in your classroom/advisee by FRIDAY (January 27th)
  • pick a theme to inspire the work and ideas in your book or create your own: Sketchbook Themes
  • unleash your imagination!
  • All kids and adults are invited to participate
  • All completed notebooks will be collected on Tuesday, March 27th (completed means that the creator is done filling it with sketches, words, images, collage items, poems, stories, questions....every page need not be filled)
  • The cover can be decorated in any way as long as it does not have 3-D items on it that make it hard to transport
  • All completed notebooks will be on tour, then will finally be returned to the owner by the end of the school year.
  • The sky's the limit (beyond the sky's the limit!) as far as what goes in the notebook - images from the computer, ticket stubs, photographs, drawings, comics, poems, songs, stories, designs, facts, scientific observations, questions, mysteries, maps, codes.... As long as it is presented in an ORIGINAL way and is something of a quality worth sharing with others!
Questions? Contact Miss Smith or Ms. Agell:


HMS - room 104
YES - room 102