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Band this week:

Concerts  begin are this week!!! Students should arrive 15 minutes before the concert begins (6:15PM)

Monday, Dec. 9th Grade 5/6 Concert at YPAC 6:30PM, Students should arrive 15 minutes before the concert begins (6:15PM)
Dress: "Sunday Best" No color requirements

Wednesday, Dec. 11th Grade 7/8 Concert at YPAC 6:30PM
Dress: "Concert Black".  Black on bottom, white on top or all Black.

Concert rehearsal and schedule below:

December 9, Mon - 5/6 Dress Rehearsal, YHS YPAC

  • 8:50am - 5/6 Chorus to YHS by bus
  • 9:50am - 5/6 "non-chorus" band to YHS by bus
  • 10:20am - 5/6 "non-band" chorus to HMS  by bus
  • 10:55am - 6th band to HMS  by bus
  • 11:30am - 5th band to HMS  by bus
  • 6:30pm - 5/6 Band Concert @YPAC
  • 7:10/15 +/- intermission
  • 7:30pm - 5/6 Chorus Concert @YPAC

December 11, Wed - 7/8 Dress Rehearsal, YHS YPAC

  • 12:00pm - 7/8 Chorus to YHS  by bus
  • 1:15pm - 7/8 "non-chorus" band to YHS  by bus
  • 1:30pm - 7/8 "non-band" chorus to HMS  by bus
  • 7/8th band will be dismissed for the day from YHS Please plan ahead
  • 6:30pm - 7/8 Band and Chorus Concert @YPAC

White Day
Grade 6 Band 9:40-10:20AM
Grade 8 Band 2:00-2:45PM

Blue Day
Grade 5 Band 9:40-10:20AM
Grade 7 Band 2:00-2:45PM

Congratulations to all students who auditioned for the D-II Honors Instrumental festival.  The following students were accepted into the band/orchestra:

Chris Auger, Cello (1st Chair!)
Pablo daCosta, Alto Sax (1st Chair!)
David Dealaman, Percussion (1st Chair!)
Matthew Dressel, Alto Sax
Maya Faulstich, Flute
Maddie Fleming, Clarinet
Liam Hannah, Percussion/Mallets
Tristan Hardel, Trumpet
Sebastien Martinez, Clarinet
Noah Miller, Horn
Maddie Nieter, Trombone
Zoe Sammon, Flute
Milo Sanokklis, Alto Sax
Eli Snow, Trombone
Chloe Troy, Flute
Ethan Tyau, Trombone
Annie Vinnakota, Bass (1st Chair!)

Announcements this week:
Concerts this week.  
Monday, Grade 5/6, 6:30PM YPAC
Wednesday, Grade 7/8, 6:30PM YPAC

Dates ahead:
D-II Honors instrumental festival (for selected students) on Friday-Saturday, Jan. 10th/11th at Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School, South Paris Maine. More details to come on this event.

Music Department Calendar

HMS Bands are open to all students who wish to learn, practice
and perform in a band setting.
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The Schedule of rehearsals:

Grade 5:  Blue days 9:40-10:20A.M.
Grade 6:  White days 9:40-10:20A.M.
Grade 7:  Blue days 2:00-2:45P.M.
Grade 8:  White days 2:00-2:45P.M.

Our instrumental program begins at grade four, however, each year a number of students decide to begin at grades five or six. Beginner lessons are scheduled for these students before or after school.