Welcome to Band

Band this week: 
Monday/Tuesday Grade 5 & 7 Band
Thursday/Friday Grade 6 & 8 Band

Oct. 5th-8th (Friday is inservice, no classes meet)

Band Schedule: (please don't think about Blue/white days.  We'll follow a different school schedule for a bit.  See below)

Band this week: Sept. Oct. 5th-8th (no classes on Friday, Oct. 9th)

Monday:  Blue Day
9:30-10:05 Grade 5 Band Cohort 2 Video Class (Students are at home)
1:25-2:00  Grade 7 Band Cohort 2 Video Class (Students are at home)

Tuesday: Blue Day
9:30-10:05 Grade 5 Band Cohort 1 Video Class (Students are at home)
1:25-2:00  Grade 7 Band Cohort 1 Video Class (Students are at home)

Wednesday will be a remote day:  A White Wednesday
Grade 6 Band:  8:45-9:05 (Both Cohorts)
Grade 8 Band: 10:35-11:00 (Both Cohorts)

Thursday:  White Day
9:30-10:05 Grade 6 Band Cohort 2 Video Class (Students are at home)
1:25-2:00  Grade 8 Band Cohort 2 Video Class (Students are at home)

Friday:   White Day  Normally a White (6/8) day, but no classes due to teacher inservice)
9:30-10:05 Grade 6 Band Cohort 1 Video Class (Students are at home)
1:25-2:00  Grade 8 Band Cohort 1 Video Class (Students are at home)

This is a web based program we will be using all year long, in and out of school.  It's very helpful to keep your skills going as well as taking the next steps.... and, a whole lot of fun! Students will learn about SmartMusic in their band video classes.

Mr. C is working on a sectional lesson schedule.  He will share this schedule as soon as it's finalized.

Distance Leaning in Band:
We will become creative to find ways to continue learning about music while we cannot meet in rehearsals. This will not be a replacement of the normal rehearsal schedule, however, a variety of ways to explore, learn and grow musically. Smartmusic will be a great help to us.

Practice/playing at home:
-At HMS we play our instruments three times a week in band/sectional lessons. 
-Set up a schedule and place that works for your learning (and family) and stick to it. 
-I understand families are now working and learning from home which might make playing harder.
-Try to have a practice area that you go to, like the band room, to do your work for a scheduled time. My routine: I go to my basement studio room each morning and begin work, like going to school. 
-Contact Mr. C with any questions.

-I know we're all shifting our learning/work to this new model.  We'll start simple/manageable
-I'll email, post, link assignments for student/parent access.
-I am exploring the best ways to communicate lessons to you. (direct email, web links, google classroom etc)
-These lessons will evolve as we walk this journey together.
-I will assign music each week.  I will offer support and help to students along the way.

-Students and parents can email me each day. I will reply as quickly as possible.
-Parents can call my phone is needed for assistance
-Please alert me to any problems (ex: need music scanned to a student)

Announcements this week:

Music Department Calendar

HMS Bands are open to all students who wish to learn, practice
and perform in a band setting.
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The Schedule of rehearsals:

Grade 5:  Blue days 9:40-10:20A.M.
Grade 6:  White days 9:40-10:20A.M.
Grade 7:  Blue days 2:00-2:45P.M.
Grade 8:  White days 2:00-2:45P.M.

Our instrumental program begins at grade four, however, each year a number of students decide to begin at grades five or six. Beginner lessons are scheduled for these students before or after school.