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Clam Festival Week is here!!!

See the schedule below...

Looking ahead:
Clam Fest Schedule:  

Grades 5-7 (2017-18 students in Grade 5,6 and 7) with the HMS Band, and Mr. C  (Same band as in the Memorial Day Parade).

Song: Summer Love, from Grease

Schedule: Note:  We will not rehearse on Monday, but instead on Tuesday.  This is a change in the plan.  Sorry for any inconvenience.
Tuesday, July 18th,  Rehearsal 4:00-5:15PM *** Note this is a change..
Wednesday, July 19th, Rehearsal 4:00-5:15PM
Friday, July 21st, Parade step off at 6PM.


Grades 8-11,  (2017-18 students in grades 8, 9, 10, 11) with the YHS Band
Song: Star Wars theme, Same band that was with Mr. Hendricks at the Memorial Day Parade.

Monday , July 17th,  Rehearsal 4:00-5:15PM
Wednesday, July 19th, Rehearsal 4:00-5:15PM
Friday, July 21st, Parade step off at 6PM.

Parade day plan.  Times are approximate

5:30PM  Arrive at YHS Lawn
5:45PM  Line up in parade formation
5:50PM  Move into road and prepare to march down the street!
6:30PM  Arrive at corner of Portland and Main Street (By Rosemont Store) for parent meeting/pick up.

Arriving at YHS on July 21st:
Walking:  Walk up West Elm Street to the YHS Lawn
Driving:  Please use "back" lot of YHS and walk around to the lawn.

Note:  West Elm Street will be closing well before the drop off time, so do not plan on driving up to the high school via West Elm Street.

Banner Carrier:
Each year, I offer younger siblings (future HMS band members) the opportunity to carry the HMS banner out front.  Only request is that the child be entering grade 4 or older.. Simply send an email to me saying, "Julie Smith (Jakes Smith's younger sister) would love to carry the banner" with the child's complete name.  First come, first served.

Parent support:  
No band of 130+ kids could ever go down the street with one band director!  I ask for 8-10 parents to support the band by (1) flanking the group as we march to make sure kids are all OK,  (2) offer some water to them along the route, and (3) if needed, help me to make a call on changing our plans (Weather, child in need etc.)..  If you're going to meet your child at the end of our route, why not come along with us on the road?  A simple email saying, "Mike Smith,  Anna's Dad, will be walking along with the band."  I'll contact the "marching" parents next week with all needed details.



HMS Bands are open to all students who wish to learn, practice
and perform in a band setting.
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The Schedule of rehearsals:

Grade 5:  Blue days 9:40-10:20A.M.
Grade 6:  White days 9:40-10:20A.M.
Grade 7:  Blue days 2:00-2:45P.M.
Grade 8:  White days 2:00-2:45P.M.

Our instrumental program begins at grade four, however, each year a number of students decide to begin at grades five or six. Beginner lessons are scheduled for these students before or after school.