7th Grade

Grade 7 has three two-member teams. The core academics of Language Arts [Reading and Writing], Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies are taught by the teams. On one of the two-member teams, Morgan Cuthbert teaches Mathematics and Science and Karyn Smith teaches Language Arts and Social Studies. On the second team Mike Hagerty teaches Language Arts and Mathematics and Janice Medenica teaches Social Studies and Science. On the third team Tate Gale teaches Mathematics and Science and Stephanie Hill teaches Language Arts and Social Studies.

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Homeroom Teachers
Mrs. Medenica

Unified Arts/Health Science Teachers
Mrs. Boggio-Roberts - Modern Language
Mr. Ciechomski - Band
Mr. Corey - STEAM
Ms. Damboise - Health Science
Ms. Grover - General Music and Chorus
Mr. Hickey - Art
Mrs. Hladky - Modern Language
Mrs. Lambert - Health Science
Mr. Skilling - Health Science
Ms. Stuhr - Librarian
Mrs. Vicenzi - Modern Language