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How to Protect Your Online Privacy

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Create a short sentence that is easy for you to remember that has 5-8 words in it.

My sister Alena likes to skate.

Take the first letter of each word.


Replace some of the letters with numbers or symbols that are close to the sound of the word.


If you need a special character, try replacing one of the numbers with one


  1. What do you usually do on Instagram? on Snapchat? on Facebook? on Tumblr?
  2. How much time do you spend on social media on a typical day?
  3. How private do think you are on your social networking sites? Do you take steps to protect your online privacy?
  4. Are you worried about 'big data' -- the fact that businesses and the government are keeping track of our internet activities?
  5. What would you do if you get a 'friend' request from your boss?
  6. Should teachers use social media to connect with students?
  7. Do you ever worry about the possibility of being publicly noticed for something that you would prefer to be kept private?
  8. Would you ever use tech tools and social media to “out” someone you know? 
  9. What are your views on privacy with respect to the Internet? Do you find it worrisome? Liberating? Something else?

Optional Reading