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Give students a piece of paper and have them draw four lines on it. Instruct them to write the following (or use this linkwhile being timed:
    On the first line write: MULTITASKING IS A MYTH
    On the second line write the numbers 1 - 19
Then, timing them again, have them write the same sequence of letters and numbers on the 3rd and 4th lines. This time, however, they should write a letter on line 3, then a number on line 4, until they have completed both lines. 

Device Free Dinner

The Impossible Text and Driving Test

Single-tasking is the New Multitasking


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    1. Do you text, listen to music, watch videos or check Facebook, Instagram or Twitter while doing schoolwork at home? At school? How do you think that “toggling” affects how you learn?
    2. How much time do you spend each day in front of a screen?
    3. How easy is it for you to ignore digital temptations while reading, writing or doing other kinds of schoolwork? What examples can you share?
    4. Have you, your parents or your teachers set limits on when and how you use technology? How have those limits affected you?
    5. Do you think technology is getting in the way of your ability to write and communicate face to face?
    6. Do you suffer from a “Wikipedia problem”? Are you likely to give up when you can’t find an answer quickly?

    Optional Reading: