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Digital Overload

  1. When looking at this chart, what surprises you?
  2. What are some benefits to being constantly connected via the internet? Drawbacks?
  3. How might we use the internet in the future?


A Day in Teens' Digital Lives

The Doctor's 48-Hour Detox

People Give up Social Media

  1. Has digital technology shortened your attention span?
  2. Do you avoid face-to-face conversations, or do you enjoy them? Have you ever resolved a misunderstanding or conflict with a friend face-to-face? Do you find talking in person awkward? 
  3. Why do you think so many young people avoid talking to each other in person?
  4. Do you find reality less interesting than what you’re doing and viewing on a screen?
  5. How much time do you spend each day in front of a screen?
  6. Do you think technology is getting in the way of your ability to write and communicate face to face?
  7. Is technology distracting you from your homework?
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