Grade 9 Digital Discussions

Yarmouth High School
Yarmouth, Maine

Our first Digital Discussion for all students will be about your Digital Footprint. 
  • Digital Footprint -- Wikipedia defines a digital footprint as the data trail left by all your digital transactions, across devices and applications. What does your digital footprint look like? Does it really matter?
For our next round of Digital Discussions you will choose from the following topics:
  • Digital Overload -- We are connected all the time, wherever we are, what ever we do. Is this always a good thing?
  • Digital Activism -- Digital connectivity has allowed many young people to take action for change in the world. Explore some examples that go beyond clicking 'Like' on a Facebook page.
  • Privacy -- The more we do online, the more data we leave behind. Is this a big problem? Is there anything you can do to keep more of your online life private?
  • Multitasking -- Kids are really good at multitasking, right? 
  • Be A Creator -- With the help of digital technology, anyone can be a musician, a photographer, a journalist, a poet. Or we can watch thousands of hours of cat videos on YouTube. Would you like to learn more about how to become a creator and make your own cat videos?