Note: Current assignments are at the top of the list.  
  In Class:    Homework due next class:
 Monday, June 3
  1. Ocean Ecosystems Notes
  2. Fishwatch.gov

 Due Wednesday:
 Thursday, May 30
  1. Environmental Science summary day 
  2. Farewell to seniors!
 Due Monday:
 Thursday, May 23
  1. Looking for Life in Soil - Data Collection + Analysis Questions
  2. Croak - can do this with a partner.  Need to turn in notes and your summary to Councilman Pierce.
 Due Thursday:
  • Complete any missing work
 Tuesday, May 21
  1. Looking for Life in Soil Lab

 Due Thursday:
  • Complete any missing work.
 Friday, May 17
  1. You Poured it Where? A Case Study in Invasive Species
  2. Socrative - room 77094
 Due Tuesday:
  • Read the article about Soil.  List strategies that are recommended to protect our soil. 
 Wednesday, May 15
  1. Infographic - Post to Blog
  2. Introduction to Ecology
  3. iXplore program
 Due Friday:
  • WSQ for Community Ecology - This is shared with you in Google Drive
 Monday, May 13
  • Royal River Clean Up
 Due Wednesday:
  • Infographic is due!
 Friday, May 3
  1. World in the Balance - video + notes
  2. Work on Infographic Project
 Due Tuesday:
  • List of statistics/facts for infographic is due.
 Wednesday, May 1
  1. Turn in Population Trends graphing activity
  2. Disease Transmission Activity
  3. Work on research for Infographic Project
 Due Friday:
  • Continue working on research for Infographic project.
 Monday, April 29
  1. Share summaries of two articles from HW.
  2. Introduce Infographic Project
  3. Infographic Analysis - Part 1
  4. Finish Graphing Activity
 Due Wednesday: 
  • Do research for your infographic.
 Thursday, April 25
  1. Post points of interest from homework to Google Moderator
  2. Population Demographics Notes
  3. Work on Graphing Activity from last class
 Due Monday:
 Tuesday, April 23
  1. Population Quiz: National Geographic
  2. Population notes
  3. Graphing Activity
 Due Thursday:
  1. Read Chapter 13.1 & 13.2 (pp 200-206) in text.  Pick two points of interest to explain next class.
 Monday, April 1
  1. Review Eutrophication
    1. Link 1
    2. Link 2
  2. Water Treatment
    1. Background
    2. Picture Book
    3. Tour
 Due Wednesday:
 Friday, March 22 - Seniors ONLY
  1. Complete your Water Pollution Presentation (be ready to present on Tuesday)
 Due Tuesday:
  1. Complete your Water Pollution Presentation (be ready to present on Tuesday)
 Wednesday, March 20 - Seniors ONLY
  1. Complete Water Pollution Guided Learning (Shared with you in Google Drive)
  2. Water Pollution Presentations Guidelines
 Due Friday:
  1. Find at least one resource for your presentation.
 Monday, March 18
  1. Data Collection for Pollution and Plants Lab
  2. Analyze data and Write Individual Analysis Sections
 Due Wednesday
 Wednesday, March 11
  1. Water pollution notes Part 2
  2. Collect data and observations for Pollution and Plants Lab (Shared with you in Google Drive)
  3. Seed germination biology mini lesson
    1. interactive
 Due Monday:
Previous homework if not yet completed.
 Monday, March 9
  1. Water Resources Review
  2. Groundwater pollution case study: Love Canal
  3. Start Pollution and Plants Lab (Shared with you in Google Drive)
 Due next Wednesday:
Read Water pollution section of Chapter 21 of Textbook (pp339-350) and Take notes
 Thursday, March 7
  1. Water Resources and water pollution introduction
  2. (links are in the presentation)
 Due next Wednesday:
Read Water pollution section of Chapter 21 of Textbook (pp339-350) and Take notes
 Monday, Feb 25
  1. Utah Air pollution article
  2. Air pollution study starts today
  3. Finalize theory, procedure, hypothesis, questionnaire, data tables for lab
  4. Prep slides
 Due Wednesday:
  • Collect data for Tuesday and Wednesday for questionnaires
  • Have slides 1/2 ready to observe.
 Wednesday, Feb 6
  1. Discuss HW Article
  2. Air Pollution Notes
  3. Begin Atmospheric Pollution and Human Health Investigation
 Due Friday:
  • Design your own HW from the activity today.  Be prepared to begin investigation.
 Monday, Feb 4
 Due Wednesday:
  1. Read and highlight “Health Impact of Air Pollution”
  2. Take this quiz and screenshot your responses. Write down at least 4 terms you didn’t know and define them.

 Thursday, Jan 31
  1. Biome presentations
  2. Biome Discussion Questions
 Due Monday:
  • None.
 Tuesday, Jan 29
  1. Work on your Biome presentation
 Due Thursday:
  • Be ready to present to your small group
 Friday, Jan 25
  1. Off-roading in the desert Activity
  2. Biome Research in the library
 Due Tuesday:
  1. Finish your research for your biome project.
 Wednesday, Jan 23
  1. Biomes Notes
  2. Biomes Research in the library
 Due Friday:
  • Do some more reading about your biome.
  • Final day to turn in position paper.
 Friday, Jan 18
  1. Salt Water Investigation
  2. Read Section 6.4 in your textbook.  Turn in your answers to questions 1-3 on pg 101.
  3. Biome Project Introduction
 Due Wednesday:
  1. Read the section in your textbook about your biome.
  2. Find at least 3 credible resources for your project.  
 Wednesday, Jan 16
  1. Three Scoop it summaries posted:
    Summary written in own words
  2. Position Statement:
    1. Write an explanation of the current science of climate change geared to a 9th grade student.  Include the mechanism for warming in the atmosphere as well as the primary causes.  Discuss at least three types of results we have seen and will see because of climate change.
    2. Cite evidence or reasons from the current events in climate articles you read.
    3. Why you think this topic matters to the environment - based on evidence.
    4. What do you think appropriate responses should be to this problem?  Include a discussion of technological, individual and governmental responses.
 Position statement due next class.  This is your summary assessment for the Climate Change Unit
 Thursday, Jan 10
  1. Survey
  2. Impact of Climate Change Presentations: Ecology & Human Health 
  3. El Niño Investigation - Look in your Google Drive account for this document.
 Due Monday:
  • You should have Part 1 of the El Niño activity completed before next class.
 Tuesday, Jan 8
  1. We will meet in Room 412
  2. "Six Degrees Could Change the World" guided viewing.
 Due Thursday:
After viewing the film, please answer the following questions on paper or on a document.  You can share these with me next class.
  1. What is something that you learned today?
  2. How do you think that we should respond to this global challenge?
  3. What do you think your individual response should be to this challenge?
 Friday, Jan 4
  1. Impact of Climate Change presentations
 Due Tuesday:
Write a reflection on something you learned from today's presentations as a post on the blog.  Reflect not only on your own presentation.

 Wednesday, Jan 2
  1. Impact of Climate Change - Product Descriptor
  2. Time to work on your assignment.
 Be ready to present next class.
 Thursday, Dec 20
  1. Impact of Climate Change - Product Descriptor
  2. Time to work on your assignment.
 No homework over vacation.  But, pay attention to your carbon footprint.
 Tuesday, Dec 18
  1. Methane - melting of permafrost "ticking timebomb" - video in  Climate Change Part 2
  2. What should we be doing to reduce greenhouse gases? Read article in class.
  3. Impacts of Climate Change
    1. sea level rise
 Due Thursday: 

None - enjoy!
 Friday, Dec 14
  1. Which greenhouse gases are most important? - Climate Change Part 2
  2. How can we tell that the greenhouse gases are changing?
    1. Greenhouse Gas Handout
  3. What will happen because of that?
 Due Tuesday:

 Wednesday - 12/12/12!
  1. Compare greenhouse gases lists
  2. Snowball earth podcast
  3. Greenhouse Effect activity - look for this in your Google Drive
    1. Link to PHET simulation
 Due Friday:
  1. Write your paragraph summary on the greenhouse effect.  Look at the Greenhouse Effect document Part 4.
 Monday, Dec 10
  1. Look at article summaries on blog
  2. Climate Notes continued:
    1. What are the sources for natural variability in climate?
    2. What is a greenhouse gas?
 Due Wednesday:
  1. Make a list of greenhouse gases in order of abundance in the atmosphere.
 Thursday, Dec 6
  1. Climate Research Report Out
    1. Climate Locations Data - Spreadsheets
  2. Determine Factors for climate
  3. Climate Notes
 Due Monday:
  • Choose an article about the temperature trends in the United States or globally from the list.  Summarize that article in 2-3 sentences in a blog post.
 Tuesday, Dec 4
  1. Top 5 Climate activity - finish
  2. Climate Research
 Due Thursday: 

Be ready to present your climate research for your location.
 Friday, Nov 30
  1. Sun, Atmosphere, and Water Cycle Quiz
  2. Top 5 Climate activity
 None, except:

Please complete any missing work.
 Wednesday, Nov 28
  1. Review of Atmosphere & Cloud Types
  2. Discuss why we care about cloud types for Climate/ Energy Budget
  3. Weather - Find "Weather" in your Google Drive 
 Due Friday:
  • Watch at least 2 local, regional or national weather reports before next class.  Listen for reasons that the weather patterns are occurring.
  • Read about the differences between Weather and Climate.  Answer this question: If climate is the long-term average of weather, how can climate change?
 Monday, Nov 26
  1. Discussion
  2. Water Cycle
  3. Cloud types
    1. link
    2. link 2
 Due Wednesday:

Write a reflection of class to this point.  Include a goal for yourself for the future.  

You can use the guidelines from class if you wish
 Monday, Nov 19
  1. Review structure of the atmosphere
  2. Cloud Cookery
  3. Relative Humidity Activity
 None - Thanksgiving
 Thursday, Nov 15
  1. Review of Solar Radiation
  2. Introduction to the Atmosphere (Notes)
  3. "Structure of the Atmosphere Questions" (Look for this in Google Drive)
 Due Monday:
  1. Complete the "Structure of the Atmosphere Questions" (Look for this in Google Drive)
 Tuesday, Nov 13
  1. Introduction to Climate Unit
  2. Data from locations around the world - patterns for seasons.
  3. Seasons link 
  4. Solar Radiation Problems done in class together.
 No Homework 
 Thursday, Nov 8
  1. Read one more article and summarize it on Scoop It.
  2. Create your constructed response post on your position for your topic on the blog.  (Assignment on blog)
 Due Tuesday:
  1. Complete any missing pieces for Energy Conservation or Scoop It Project.
 Tuesday, Nov 6
  1. Post picture of your poster to blog.
  2. Post poster in school
  3. Complete the "Response to Energy Scoop It Posts" on Blog
 Due Thursday:
  1. Read and scoop 2 more articles.  Make sure to write your own summaries of them for your Scoop It! Page.
 Friday, Nov 2
  1. Complete the form to share the URL for your Scoop It!
  2. Energy Conservation Activity 
    1. Step 3
    2. Step 4
    3. Make your Poster - See Blog
 Due Tuesday:
  1. Complete your Energy Poster.
  2. Be ready to take a picture of your poster and post it to the blog.  You'll put up your poster in the school, also.
 Wednesday, Oct 31
  1. Introduction to Scoop.It! Project.
  2. Energy Conservation Activity 
    1. Step 3
  3. Guest Speaker: Jake Waltman
 Due Friday:
  1. Find one articles for your first Scoop.It! topic.  Create a summary for the article.
  2. Complete the form to share the URL for your Scoop It!
 Monday, Oct 29
  1. Energy Conservation Activity (this is shared with you in Google Drive)
    1. Complete Step 1 & 2
  2. Introduction to Class Blog
 Due Wednesday:
  1. Podcast HW Assignment
 Thursday, Oct 25
  1. Natural Gas Notes
  2. Natural Gas Concept Wedge Activity
 Due Monday:
  1. Complete the Concept Wedge.
 Tuesday, Oct 23
  1. What are the presidential candidates saying about Energy?
    1. Video clips from 2nd debate
  2. Finish Energy 200 Project
 Due Thursday:

All Energy 200 pieces due at start of class.
 Friday, Oct 19
  1. Renewable Energy Presentations
    1. Solar
    2. Hydropower
    3. Hydrogen
  2. Energy 200 
 Due Tuesday:
  1. We will finish Energy 200 components by end of class Tuesday.
 Wednesday, Oct 17
  1. Energy 200 - First component due at end of class.
 Due Friday:
  1. Remainder of presentations
 Monday, Oct 15
  1. Renewable Energy Presentations
    1. Wind
    2. Geothermal
    3. Biodiesel
  2. Energy 200

 Due Wednesday:
  1. Energy 200 first component Due
 Thursday, Oct 11
  1. Non-Renewable Presentations
    1. Petroleum
    2. Coal
    3. Nuclear Fission
  2. Introduction of Energy 200
 Due Monday:
  1. Non-renewable presentations will be Monday:
    1. Biodiesel
    2. Geothermal
    3. Hydrogen
    4. Hydroelectric (Rivers & Tides)
    5. Solar
    6. Wind
 Tuesday, Oct 9
  1. Turn in Energy of Foods Lab
  2. Work on Energy Presentations - 
    1. share notes with partner
    2. Develop a presentation
 Due Thursday:
  1. Self-assigned homework for Energy Presentations
 Thursday, Oct 4
  1. Data & calculations Check
  2. Energy of Food Lab Analysis Questions
  3. Work on Energy Presentations
 Due Tuesday:
  1. All individual notes for presentations.
 Tuesday, Oct 2
  1. Energy of Food Lab in Mr. Hill's room
 Due Thursday:
  1. Complete Data Table and Sample Calculations for Energy of Food Lab
 Friday, Sept 28
  1. Energy Notes & WSQ Questions - Google Moderator
  2. Energy Notes
  3. Start Energy Presentations
  4. Energy of foods lab prep
 Due Tuesday:
  1. Bring in a can and a food sample.  
  2. Make a data table for your data collection.
Wednesday, Sept 26
  1. Ice Breaker & Introductions
  2. Small group comparison activity
  3. Larger group discussion 
 Due Friday:
  1. Watch, Summarize and Question for Energy. This has been shared with you in Google Docs.
 Monday, Sept 24
  1. Biosphere Wrap up - watch videos of before and after
  2. Work on the Household Energy Calculator
 Due Wednesday: 
  1. Complete the Household Energy Calculator.  
  2. Be ready for the Swedish visitors.
 Thursday, Sept 20
  1. Biosphere Project
    1. Finalize Blueprint and Other work
    2. Present 2 features of your Biosphere
  2. Textbook Checkout
  3. Fluid Imaging Demonstration in Room 501.
 Due Monday:
  1. Make a list of activities you complete in one 24 hour period that require energy.  See example.
Tuesday, Sept 18
  1. Biosphere Project
    1. Complete Blueprint 
    2. Review using  Biosphere Rubric
 Due Thursday:
  • Present Biosphere Blueprint to class
  • Thursday, we will go to watch a Fluid Imaging Demonstration for half of class.  We will have FIRST LUNCH Thursday.

 Friday, Sept 14
  1. Biosphere Project 
    1. Look at Rubric
    2. Biospherians & Supplies
 Due Tuesday:

Each group will determine own homework assignments.
 Wednesday, Sept 12
  1. Writing Prompt (In Google Docs)
  2. Biosphere Project Introduction; Biosphere Rubric
 Due Friday:

Each group will determine own homework assignments.
 Monday, September 10
  1. Time to work on Endangered Species Project
  2. Presentations
  3. Endangered Species Chart
  4. Effectiveness of ESA
 Due Wednesday: 
  1. Read Pro/Con Handout
 Thursday, September 6
  1. Endangered Species Notes
  2. Discussion of Endangered Species Act Article
  3. Please complete this form
  4. Time to work on End. Sp. Project
    1. Presentation Template
    2. Presentation Rubric
 Due Monday:
  • Complete the Endangered Species Presentation
  • Be ready to present to a small group
 Tuesday, September 4
  1. The Lorax
  2. Introduction to Environmental Science
  3. Endangered Species Project Introduction
 Due Thursday:

CP Env Sci