1676 Concert Choir

1 year, .5 credit, grades 9-12  (Meets fine arts requirement)
This class will be scheduled during the period 3 block.  Students who select Concert Choir only will have two rehearsals and two study halls per week.

The concert choir is open to students who are able to match pitch and who desire membership in an active vocal performance group.  Training is provided in the following areas:  vocal production, sight singing and ear training, interpretation and expression, rehearsal techniques, visual and vocal performance skills.  This is a performance class featuring a broad variety of musical styles, sung in three and four-part harmony.  Membership in the mixed chorus is the most consistent training area offered for regular vocal study and is a prerequisite for application to district festivals and All State.  
All music is provided.  Students will be required to wear button-down white shirts and black skirts (females) or dress pants (males) for performances.
Students will be expected to participate in all rehearsals by actively learning their music. Performance attendance is mandatory and constitutes a significant portion of student assessment.  Students will perform in a variety of concerts throughout the school year and are expected to arrive on time for vocal warm ups, in performance attire, with notes and words memorized.
Written homework is rarely assigned, however, students are expected to memorize all music prior to performance and may borrow music to study at home for that purpose.