1231 Honors Math III

1 year, 1 credit, grade 11


This course is the third in the sequence of courses weaving multiple mathematical concepts. At the college prep level, this course is similar to a traditional algebra 2 course with some additional topics included as well.  At the honors level, this course is the completion of a traditional algebra 2 course and a full pre-calculus course as well.   Areas of emphasis and further exploration include: linear programming; polynomial, rational, exponential, and logarithmic functions; circle geometry; triangle and circular trigonometry; and sequences and series.
There is a significant difference in the pace and depth between College Prep. Math III and Honors Math III. Rational functions and trigonometry are topics that are briefly covered in College Prep Math III but are extensively covered in Honors Math III.
College Prep Math III students will be prepared to enroll in Senior Math. Honors Math III is designed to prepare students for AP Calculus the following year. This course will move at a very quick pace and explore topics at a significantly more in-depth level.
Homework: Same as Math I and Math II.